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中国 到 的 的 的 空运 和 海运 货运 代理 代理 服务

中国 到 的 的 的 空运 和 海运 货运 代理 代理 服务

  • Brand: HongMmingda Logistics
  • Origin: China, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Hong Kong
  • Airlines: hu, cz, g, ca, tg, tk, sq, ek, ups, mh
  • Service: daily.
  • Delivery time: 2-4 days
  • Service type: International Air Transport  
  • Minimum order amount: 45 kg
  • Payment method: T / T, Western Union material, Moneygram

Air transport and maritime transport agents from China to Europe and the United States

Company shortcut.
DDP AIR reight from Yiwu China to Singapore door to door service

Packing and transport and transport
Packaging: cardboard, palette, palette, wood.
Transport: organization Shenzhen/Guangzhou to Japan Airlines.
Delivery time: daily
Ship type: air, sea, manufacturer
Aviation Department: CZ SQ EK MH TG PK W5
Transport route: direct flight, transit


Additional value service:
1. Pay attention to different elements of the same client's movement point
2. Provide warehouse services and second level packaging
Freight insurance service
4. Desting of customs customs service
5. Apport and export various files (CO, Form-M, Embassy certificate, etc.)

Why are we?

1. Global member of the transfer of WC, constituting 1 % of domestic qualified enterprises, vice president of Shenzhen Airlines Association.

2. It is difficult for Shenzhen to find a trailer and driver team for over 10 years.

3. For over 20 years of reposting history, employees have average professional knowledge aged 5-8 years.

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