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International Express from Shenzhen, China to UAEInternational Express from Shenzhen, China to UAEInternational Express from Shenzhen, China to UAEInternational Express from Shenzhen, China to UAE

International Express from Shenzhen, China to UAE

  • Brand: Hong Mingda Logistics
  • Departure: Shenzhen, China
  • Destination: United Arab Emirates
  • Courier service: DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT/EMS/ARAMEX  
  • Service time: Every day
  • Shipping time: DHL 3-4 days FEDEX/TNT/UPS 5-7 days
  • Service Type: International Express  
  • Minimum order quantity: 0.5KG
  • Payment method: wire transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram

International Express from Shenzhen, China to UAE

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Sunny Worldwide Logistics(SZ) LIMITEDDedicated to serve you, we provide affordable prices, excellent service, so that you have no worries! Service is endless, sincerely forever! Your trust and praise are the driving force and source of our survival. We adhere to the concept of creating benefits for our customers and provide you with preferential services. This is our service tenet! We also provide international shipping, air transport, express delivery, trailers, customs declaration and other logistics services to create a good trading platform for you!
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Our advantageous routes are Europe, the United States and Canada and the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. The main cooperative airlines are UPS, FEDEX, DHL, ARAMEX, EK, KU, KQ, CX, CA, CZ, etc. Our company has a very comprehensive agent network all over the world, which can provide various types of services for our customers. In terms of some special items, our company has certain operational strength. Adhering to the "customer first, reputation for the soul" concept, we seek more opportunities to cooperate with you.

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Q: The currentEMS, DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, ARAMEXWhat is your discount?
A: At present, international express delivery has been subject to a large increase in price, and the actual price changes with the market price and the fluctuation of international aviation fuel. Please ask the customer to confirm the discount price before shipping.

Q: How is the international express shipping cost calculated?
A: 1. Billing weight unit: International express delivery is a billing weight unit per 0.5KG
    2. First weight and continuous weight: The delivery of express delivery goods is based on the first 0.5KG (or lifting), and each additional 0.5KG is a continuous weight. Usually the cost of lifting is higher than the cost of renewal.
    3. Real weight and volume: refers to the actual total weight of a batch of items to be transported, including the package, called the real weight; when the items to be delivered are large and the actual weight is light, due to the means of transport (aircraft, train, Ships, cars, etc.) The load capacity and the size of the loadable items are limited. The method of measuring the volume of the item and calculating the weight is used to calculate the weight of the freight, which is called the volume weight or volume. An item with a volumetric weight greater than the actual weight is often referred to as a light foam item.
    4. Billing weight: According to the definition of both real weight and volume, and the International Air Cargo Association, the weight of the freight collected during the transportation of goods is calculated as the higher of the actual weight and volume of the whole batch. (Note: Currently only international EMS is calculated by weight, other international express delivery is calculated according to the higher of actual weight and volume weight)
    1 rule item: length (cm) × width (cm) × height (cm) ÷ 5000 = weight (KG)
    2 irregular items: the longest (cm) × the widest (cm) × the highest (cm) ÷ 5000 = weight (KG)

Q: What information do I need to provide to you?
A: Product name; HS CODE, size and weight of the goods, packaging, destination, time of preparation or approximate time of the goods.

Q: I am abroad, can I help you pick up the goods?
A: Yes, our company also provides domestic logistics services, warehousing services, packaging services, and can also help you check the goods.

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