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To UK Chinese shipping agents deliver to UK door-to-door DDP

To UK Chinese shipping agents deliver to UK door-to-door DDP

  • Brand name: Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Departure: Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Qingdao/Xiamen/Ningbo/Shanghai/Tianjin/Hong Kong
  • Destination: UK
  • Loa: CCNI / CSV / MSK / KLINE / OOCL / APL / MSC / EMC / Hanjin / MSC
  • Departure Day: Every day
  • Transport time: 35 days
  • Freckage type: sea transportation
  • Minimum order quantity: 1CBM
  • Payment method: Electric Hui, West Union, Su Huijin, Alibaba Trade Assurance Order

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DDP to door services from China to Pakistan

Product Description:

Packaging & delivery:
Packaging method: carton, tray, bag, box, roll, bag, box, etc.
Transportation methods: sea transportation, air transportation, express delivery, etc.
service method:Door -to -door, Hong Kong to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to the door, the door to the port, export, import
Delivery time: daily

Product specifications:
1. China sent to all parts of the worldSea transport scattered goodsandWhole cabinet

2. According to customer needsProvide multiple stream solutions

3.. Customs clearance service, delivery service,Amazon Warehouse Service

special service:

1.Help customers collect the goods from different suppliers to send out the goods

2.Provide storage and secondary packaging services

3..Freight insurance service

4. 4..Destination delegate customs clearance service

5.All kinds of imported documents and certificates production services (Form A/FORM E/CIQ/Embassy plus signing)

6.Commodity inspection service

7.Alice payment to the supplier

DDP to door services from China to Pakistan

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