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China to Australia DDP DAP

China to Australia DDP DAP

  • Place of Origin: Shanghai / Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Tianjin / Ningbo
  • Destination: New Zealand
  • Vector: MSK / ZIM / OOCL / APL
  • Start date: every day
  • Shipping time: 18-30 days
  • Minimum order quantity: 1CBM
  • Payment method: t / t, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • product description:
  • Shipping services from Shenzhen to Australia
  • Packaging and delivery:
  • Packing: carton, tray, bag, box, roll, bag, box, etc.
  • Delivery time: daily

 China to Australia DDP DAP

Company Profile:

Sunny Worldwide Logistics is a full-service domestic and international freight forwarding company headquartered in China.

Members of the WCA (World Cargo Alliance), for the past 16 years, we have focused on reliable customer service and competitive transportation.
Door to door delivery service sea freight From China to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia DDP DAP

Shipping: LCL, FCL
air transport 
Door to door service
FBA Amazon Airlines and Shipping Services
Warehousing Services 
Fumigation and inspection services
Marine freight -
We ship 1,500 containers per month to the US/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/Europe/Australia, and we have good relationships with major shipping companies.
We mainly provide the best & general cargo for the latest sea freight rate DG goods, bulk cargo.

One-stop logistics solutions -
1, combined services: pick up goods from different suppliers, quality inspection of goods;
2, EDI contact with customs;
3,5000 square meters of warehouse space, high quality standards;
4, flexible logistics plan to meet customer needs.
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