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sunny worldwide Logistics FBA Knowledge Training

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-05-12
This Thursday, Mingda Logistics conducted FBAAmazonThe training of warehouses, we currently have a very mature FBA market in the United States. Welcome to inquiry. the following
Let Xiaobian tell you about FBA's knowledge.

Final consignee -
Although Amazon cannot be an importer of customs registration, we can be listed as the final consignee on your shipment.

commercial invoice-
When the manufacturer or dealer prepares the goods to be shipped, the consignor prepares a commercial invoice. It is very important to ensure that commercial invoices are accurate, which can avoid delays in customs clearance. The commercial invoice should contain the following information:

Invoice date.

Names and addresses of buyers and sellers (Amazon may not be listed as a buyer or seller on commercial invoices).

The name or complete address of the seller or manufacturer.

Shipper's contact name, company name, address, and tax number.

Shipping address. Write "Transfer it" here and write the name and address of the Amazon Logistics Center that you want to ship.

Customs registration importers. If the consignor is the cargo owner, fill in the consignor's name here. Please do not leave this information blank, otherwise it will cause the goods to be rejected or returned.
In Japan, overseas sellers must appoint agents to clear customs and submit forms to the Japanese customs before exporting to Japan. Otherwise, non-Japanese residents cannot import any goods into Japan.

Currently there are four commonly used transport methods
2.FBA air plus dispatch, first air to the airport and then local logistics delivery
3. FBA seafront delivery plus delivery first seaborne to the port and local agent clearance delivery
4. Overseas transfer

A detailed description of the goods on the invoice. Contains the following:
Customs coordination code (if known)
Number of pieces  unit price

The total value of each item. For samples or commodities that have no commercial value, they must be marked with nominal value or fair market value for customs clearance purposes.
The currency type of the transaction.

Terms of sale. Please note that the correct terms must be DDP. Before the consignor or seller using Amazon Logistics delivers the goods to the Amazon Logistics Center, he should pay all duties and taxes payable and be responsible for customs clearance. You do not have the right to import goods in the name of Amazon. You also have no right to list Amazon as a declarer or customs registration importer on the declaration documents.
Cargo tracking code. For shipments to the Amazon Logistics Center, fill in the Amazon FBA shipment number that you received when you created the invoice in your Amazon seller account.

If the package you are sending is delivered by a freight company such as FedEx or UPS, the tracking code can also be the air waybill number.