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note! The new generation of customs inspection system will be officially launched tomorrow! Signific

  • Author:Hank
  • Source:Sofreight
  • Release Date:2019-11-29
Sea and aircheckAs a problem often encountered in the freight forwarding industry, we must understand the rules of inspection.

A few days ago, Shanghai Customs held a special meeting to inform that at 30:30 on November 30th (Saturday), a new generation of customs inspection system [Check 4 System] will be officially launched.

After the system is launched, major changes will occur in the customs inspection process in Yangshan and Outer Harbor. Here, we have sorted out the relevant points for everyone, please tell each other, please pay attention!

1. Exports should be declared in advance as far as possible, especially for LCL export. The new system controls both LCL and LCL distribution, which means that there is a problem with LCL inspection and the entire box cannot be removed.

2. New customs inspection = original customs inspection + original country inspection.

The original commodity inspection and inspection, the part of the national inspection is included in the new customs inspection, and the items inspected at the original commodity inspection destination are still inspected at the destination. If there is a national inspection and a purposeful inspection, it is necessary to complete the national inspection in the port area, and then go to the destination for destination inspection after release.

3. In terms of import, the customs were first released by the customs and then inspected. Now, if the goods are inspected, they are considered as customs inspections. After the inspections are released, the delivery time will be extended (the specific time will be known after implementation). , Minato charges and late charges will increase!

4. Regarding the new system deletion and modification form: Since November 30, the customs of the Customs and Excise Department will no longer issue control and inspection, and all tasks of control will be transferred to the second department of material control. The mode takes longer.

5. Starting from November 30, Yangshan will change the order beforehand, check it first, and then delete it. As the system cannot be controlled by the Customs after the system is upgraded, it will be transferred to the Risk Control Division for approval of the internal circulation of the Customs. Therefore, it is important not to enter the port of Yangshan on this type of documents.

6. The inspection system update this weekend may affect normal customs clearance. It is recommended to declare the documents in advance to Friday. Customs declaration is not recommended this weekend.