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note! The importance of MADE IN CHINA

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-07-20
 As more and more foreign trade companies use the Amazon platform, our freight forwarders arrange more and more Amazon goods.
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  Here to share: Some time ago, a plastic products company in Shenzhen Baoan area was exporting a batch of plastic bags to Denmark, and the Danish Customs did not have the “MADE IN CHINA” logo on the outer packaging of the goods.

The goods were seized, the company objected to the Danish customs penalties, and provided the certificate of origin issued by the inspection and quarantine department to prove that the goods were indeed originated in China.

However, the Danish Customs believes that there should be a label of origin of the goods on the outer packaging of the goods, not just the certificate of origin. The final enterprise can only pay the fine and attach the “MADE IN CHINA” label to be cleared.

 So why do you want to label the "MADE IN CHINA"?

    It is common sense to attach the label of origin, and the products of normal foreign trade are to be written. This regulation has always been in place, and the United States has always had this requirement for customs clearance, but it is only loose when it is checked. Therefore, for some time, the goods without MADE IN CHINA were also enjoyed with a very good time-effects receipt. That was because the customs did not check them, so there was no problem.

    If the Customs checks that the goods are not labeled "MADE IN CHINA", it will lead to the detention of the US Customs, resulting in delays in the original commitment to the customer, and the customer complaints continue. Some people have encountered such a situation, there is no on the outer box, there is no product on each product, and it is returned by the customs. Post it, everyone can do as required, don't bother.

    Therefore, the labeling is completely to avoid the extra cost and aging delay caused by the cargo deduction or return. Please follow the following requirements:

    1. Whether it is to Amazon warehouse, overseas warehouse, private address, you need to post;
    2, whether it is to take the express, or the special line, you need to paste;
    3, both the product and the outer box, you need to paste, it is recommended that customers put MADE IN CHINA together when playing the SKU product barcode.

    Not only does the United States require a mark of origin on the package of goods, but the EU, the Middle East, and South America also have similar requirements, and some countries require that the outer packaging and inner packaging of the goods must have a mark indicating the place of origin.
   Therefore, here, remind the majority of cargo owners freight forwarding, export to the United States, South America, Europe and other countries, must be labeled "Made in China" label!

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