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just!Three ships driving in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean were attacked again!The Red Sea crisis

  • Release Date:2024-05-30
Following the horses in the Arabian Sea and the Mediterranean on May 24, three Israeli had business -oriented vessels.On the 27th in the short term, the Houthi armed forces launched another cargo ship driving in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea ...

The Horse armed forces once again attacked three cargo ships driving in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea!

According to CCTV News, on May 27, local time, Ye Haiya Salea, a spokesman for Hascean Hersen, announced that the armed forces attacked the three vessels on the same day.The Desert ", Hussean armed forces related to the United States; the second was the" Michera "sailing on the Indian Ocean. The Hussean armed armed said that the ship was related to Israel; the third was the" "Milleva Lisa ".

The Horse armed forces said the ship violated the armed ban and went to the port of Israel.He said that the Marcerian armed forces would not stop attacking the US and British warships and some shipping routes before Israel stopped military operations in the Gaza Strip.

Recently, the situation of the Red Sea has become increasingly chaotic. On May 16th, the Herhay armed leader was in a TV speech that the organization would continue to expand the scope of strikes. All ships to the port of Israel will become the target of the Hassas armed forces. TheseThe ships will be attacked anywhere where Husserwo has reached.He said that the Hussean armed move was actions to support the Palestinian.

Red Sea crisis intensifies capacity!Active international sea transportation nerves!Freight or continue to soar
Since the spread of Pakistani conflict in November 2023, the Bust and Israeli conflict caused the Red Sea crisis, the risks of global supply chain interruptions have intensified, and international shipping prices have experienced a round of rising.Since mid -April, China to Europe and the Mediterranean routes have risen significantly, and it has also been affected by the Red Sea crisis vessels and intensive capacity.

The Red Sea area is located in the must -have place of the Suez Canal. Since mid -November, the Houthi armed forces have begun to expand its scope of strikes and strikes on the "Israel -related ships related to the Red Sea".The attack on the sea has exacerbated the tension of the Red Sea.It made global shipping companies go to Europe and the Mediterranean to go around the corner of South Africa.

The transportation distance of nearly 3100 nautical miles will increase the transportation period of nearly 3100 nautical miles, and the transportation period of 8 days to 10 days, and the turnover efficiency of containers and ships will decline, leading to about 29%of the market capacity loss.Even if all newly delivered ships this year are put into Asia -Europe routes, the route still has about 10%of the power gap.The liner company deploy other routes to make up for the capacity gap in European and Mediterranean routes, which has also caused the transportation effect of the transportation power of the route, which leads to the tight transportation power of other routes.

Recently, the chairman of the Suez Canal Administration said in a speech in the Egyptian Parliament that since November 2023, the tension of the continuous intensification of the Red Sea has led nearly 3,400 ships to be forced to change the route and drive to the corner of South Africa without entering the Suez Canal.

The International Monetary Fund stated that in April this year, the shipping volume of Suez Canal decreased by two -thirds compared with the same period last year, exacerbating the global trade interruption.

The same situation also appears in multiple ports in Asia -Europe.In Saudi Arabia, the busy Gada port in the past became deserted.In the center of the Red Sea crisis, the average daily import volume of Aden, the largest port of Yamen, dropped sharply from more than 19,000 tons in the same period last year to 6,500 tons.At present, there is no cargo ship on the shore for one day.

The port in the southeast of Europe has also been affected.In January 2024, January of the Port of Port in Greece decreased by 12.7%year -on -year.With the large -scale Dao Africa's hopes for ships, the trade flow of southern Africa has increased significantly.Facing the sudden growth of shipping demand, South Africa ports have serious congestion.

At present, Pakistani conflicts and the Red Sea crisis have impacted the global economy and have become the main challenges facing the global economy.

As the situation in the Red Sea is still difficult to ease, the shipping company's Dao Africa route is expected to continue at least until the second half of this year.Before the Red Sea crisis has not improved, the demand is high, which means that the price of shipping may remain high, and it may not be ruled out that further rise may be ...