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just! The United States announced the 14th batch of tariff exclusion list (200 billion increase in t

  • Author:Kyrie
  • Source:Guan Fu Xiao Er
  • Release Date:2019-10-24
according toShenzhen Sunny Worldwide Logistics Co., Ltd.According to the latest news from the marketing department, on October 23, local time, the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) announced the product exclusion announcement under the list of 200 billion US dollars plus tariff items. This exclusion involves 83 products. The exclusion period can be traced back to the effective date of the 200 billion list, which is September 24, 2018. If the company that exports US products on this list can start to resume normal export to the US business.

Reminder: The United States is ready to launch the 300 billion tariff exclusion application. From October 31, it can submit an application for exclusion, and strive to obtain the opportunity to avoid the tariff.

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