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important! India, Indonesia, Iraq, the United Kingdom, Senegal and other countries updated the new i

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:HKSG-GROPU
  • Release Date:2019-03-02
important! India, Indonesia, Iraq, the United Kingdom, Senegal and other countries updated the new import regulations

Recently, a number of countries have introduced new import and customs policies.

Behind every new policy, there is a big pit for foreign trade freight forwarding companies to lay their guns. If you don't pay attention to the goods, even if the goods arrive at the destination port safely, you will face the risk of huge fines or even direct return. Therefore, foreign trade freight forwarding companies need to pay special attention to the new regulations of these countries.


Shipping cargo manifests and transhipment regulations take effect on March 1

The Indian Cargo Manifest and Transit Regulations (SCMTR) will come into effect on March 1, 2019. If information is not provided in accordance with the new regulations, serious consequences such as the inability to unload the cabinet or the penalties may occur.

According to the new regulations, the vessel must submit the inbound cargo manifest electronically before leaving the last port of call; submit the outbound manifest electronically in advance before leaving the port of call in India:

Import Commodity Manifest (AM) Submission: Mandatory Inbound Cargo Manifest requires that an inbound cargo manifest must be submitted to Customs before the ship leaves the last foreign port of call. Applicable to all containers in the Indian port as a local import unloading or medium transfer unloading.

Information required to enter the cargo manifest: 8 digits of mandatory customs code (HS CODE), ICE, GST, importer's valid office email address.

Outbound Manifest (DM) Submission: Mandatory Departure Goods Manifest requires that the ship must submit an outbound cargo manifest to Customs before the Indian port of loading is opened. Suitable for all containers loaded in Indian ports.

Therefore, according to the new regulations, shippers exporting to India in the future need to provide the following information to the freight forwarder:

1. Importer's IE code;

Import & export Code (IEC) of importer;

2. The GSTN number of the importer;

GST Identification No (GSTIN) of importer;

3. The effective office email address of the importer.

Official email id of importer (to be used for correspondence by shipping lines and Customs).


All merchandise services must be halal certified

Indonesia will implement Halal regulations for all goods and services this year, and all goods and services related to food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemical, biological and genetically modified products must be halal certified. Once the new law is implemented, the Halal Product Certification Authority will be responsible for verifying and issuing halal certification.