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freight forwarding love making a poem in the winter

  • Author:Anma
  • Release Date:2019-10-30
The summer time lasted for so long, and near the beginning of November, the weather in Shenzhen finally had a bit of respect for the winter, and the weather began to cool. Sunny Worldwide Logistics has some small partners because Tianliang did not notice the body, some people have a cold, such as Xiaobian, where to take a large pack of paper towels.

Here, Xiao Bian warmly reminds everyone that the weather has turned cold in the winter, the little friends should pay attention to physical health, sleep at night to cover the quilt, do not kick the quilt, remember to add clothes in the daytime; if you catch a cold, drink more hot Water or punching blue roots.


This morning's morning meeting, hosted by James, gave a question to everyone on the scene, with the theme of "winter" as a poem, the subject matter is not limited, as long as original. The following small series will bring you the poetry show of Xiaohong Mingda's logistics partners.


Big head is not empty

Never snow, how come winter
Big head is a bit empty
Countless women are not in the middle
The hair is getting out of the way
Beauty is crazy for him
Please boldly move forward
Will one day succeed

Winter likes autumn
So he always pursues
He likes her
Take her away from the autumn leaves and put on silver
He likes her
Naughty sprinkled with goose feathers in the air
He likes her
The eagerly running footsteps bring up the west wind and hunt
But he doesn't know.
She used her to leave
Only in exchange for his stage of the season

Winter, you are here.
The beautiful clothes of the girls have not been bought yet.
In winter, plum blossoms are open,
Double eleven pairs of twelve are coming,
The boy and girl's wallet is tight.
The wind downstairs of the company is particularly large.
Winter is coming to spring, love can't come.

You see that the snow is white, it is a snowflake, it is a picture in a dream.
You listen to the cold wind, it is the north wind, it is the imagination in your heart.
Look at the sun, the long sleeves and short sleeves dance together.
I am in Shenzhen, I want to go to the north to see the snow.
Here and three seasons

Ah~ It’s so cold!
Autumn is coming to winter, clothing is very small, I hope to have a warm winter clothes, he can be well in the distance. 

Morning footpath in a hurry
a cold wind is coming
Long-sleeved booties
Shenzhen finally has winter
Difficult group performance forward


Ok, the above is the poem written by Sunny Worldwide Logistics's small partners today.

Which of the above six poems do you like the most?
If you are interested, you can join us and make a poem with the theme of "winter".

Welcome to leave a comment below the comments to tell Xiaobian