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emegency notice! Philippine Customs issued new rules! Offenders will face fines and affect customs c

  • Author:MIKEY
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2019-10-29
It is important to pay attention to the cargo owner of the Philippines. The Philippine Customs has new regulations!

Recently, the Philippines upgraded the customs system and made new regulations on the HS CODE code of the imported goods, the bill of lading number and the area code (NATURE CODE 23/24). Offenders will affect the customs clearance and generate fines.

The specific related operational requirements are as follows:

1. All product names must be specific and must be provided with a 6-digit HS CODE code.

2. The last digit of the bill of lading spelling (including the bill of lading number after the order) is not allowed to appear in letters such as A/B/C/D.

3. About the Philippines area code (NATURE CODE 23/24):

23 indicates that the import is sold locally, and 24 indicates that the processing is re-exported. If the consignee requires a filing code of 24, the consignee is required to notify the shipping company at least 48 hours prior to the arrival of the vessel.

The consignor needs to provide “PRE – ALERT documents” to the consignee before the ship is opened, and confirm the declaration area code with the consignee.

The new regulations are expected to take effect at the end of the month, and shipping companies have issued notices.

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Philippine customs clearance matters:

As is known to all, the ports in the Philippines, especially the port of Manila, have long been in a state of congestion. In the face of Manila's import and customs clearance port, which is known as the “first block in Southeast Asia”, all cargo owners should pay attention to strictly follow the customs regulations to avoid making it difficult to clear customs.

In addition, the goods should be ready for customs clearance within 15 days after the goods are unloaded from the ship (or aircraft): bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin or other means of providing non-discarding documents, otherwise listed as abandoned.

After the unloading, even if the customs clearance declaration has been arranged within 15 days, if the relevant taxes and fees are not paid within 15 days, it will still be regarded as the disposal of the goods!

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