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You‘re the One in My Life, Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

  • Author:Anma
  • Release Date:2019-08-07
You, remember what day is today?

It's ok,

Even if you don’t remember,

Just open the phone and click on the circle of friends.

You will see a lot of sweet CP photos of "single single dog".

At the moment, no doubt,

Today is the Qixi Festival, our traditional Chinese Valentine's Day.

Still single, you have someone you like,

趁 Today, rush to confess.

Exit our 200 million single big team.

There are the other half of you, you have to act,

To him/her,

a word,


Let's share the love poem of Ao Cang Gyatso for everyone.


romantic lovers' day

You see, or see me

I am there

Not sad or happy

You read, or don't read me

Love is there

Don’t come or go

You love, or don't love me

Love is there

No increase or decrease

You follow, or don't follow me

My hand is in your hand

Do not give up

Come to my arms


Let me live in your heart


Silence, joy

All members of Shenzhen Sunny Worldwide Logistics wish everyone a happy Chinese Valentine's Day. All lovers of the whole world can be married to each other. For the rest of their lives, they are willing to have one heart, and the white heads are not separated.