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Why can this distressing event in the shipping industry be interpreted as "good news" by t

  • Author:MIKEY
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2020-04-29

This was originally a distressing landmark event in the global shipping industry
Because the analysis is different
It was interpreted as a big event

Yesterday (April 27), a landmark event that essentially distressed the global shipping industry was promoted in time by Pan-Financial Media, including the Economic Daily, as good news!

What is the good news? Let's take a look at this report first:

▲ Container shipping industry "welcome" a new model?

Some people will ask when they see this, isn't this good news?

Of course, if you look at it from the perspective of Shenzhen Port, Shenzhen Customs, or Yantian Port, which is actually implementing this business, this is totally good news!

Because it is not only an innovative "new model", but also "adds a solid power for Shenzhen to build an international transit port", it is actually bringing 1 million TEU (expected) transit volume to Yantian Port!

************* Sad and happy dividing line *************

However, if viewed from an industry or professional perspective, this is definitely not good news for the shipping industry, but a landmark event that distresses the port shipping industry and freight forwarding logistics industry. It is a tragedy under the impact of the epidemic. !

The reason is simple, just start from the global shipping industry and find out the answers to these three soul tortures!

1 Why did the container ship OOCL Poland withdraw from the route?

Why does a container ship with a capacity of up to 13208 Teu suddenly "pick up the picker" and quit and lose his job?

Everyone who knows and loves the shipping industry knows the subtext behind this: Out of stock!

A 13208Teu ship pulls 421 containers to Xiamen and Shanghai ports? Then pull the same few goods from Xiamen, Shanghai, and then go back to the Pacific Ocean for a walk?

▲ 13208Teu's ship was "unemployed" from April 18 to June 23!

2 Which container ships exiting the route have gone?

Here ↓

Bask in the sun on the vast Pacific Ocean! ↓

No shipping company is willing to park the container ship that it has invested heavily in the high seas to bask in the sun, unless the ship runs and loses more money!

According to the latest research report of the well-known shipping consulting agency Sea-Intelligence, in the first week of early April alone, the number of global suspensions soared by 400%, and the number of suspensions of major east-west trade routes increased from 45 to 212 flights. There will also be a shutdown of up to 3 million TEUs!

3 Is “Full Ship Reloading” a welcome new model for the global shipping industry?

As far as the current situation is concerned, from the perspective of the global container shipping industry, there is a distressing status quo behind this iconic event. The "new model" can only be said to be the new model of Shenzhen Port and Shenzhen Customs, and the new 1 million Teu transit The volume is only a happy event for Yantian Port, which actively cooperates with the market to launch new business!

For the global container shipping industry, behind this 1 million Teu, there may be a reduction of 10 million, or even tens of millions of Teu!

(The article is compiled by Sohang APP)