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Which shipping company has a higher rate of on-time container liners?

  • Author:Esther
  • Source:souhangwang
  • Release Date:2020-11-02
According to a new report by Sea-Intelligence, an international shipping consultancy, the on-time rate of container ships has dropped to a new low recently, becoming worse and worse.
While freight rates are hitting record highs, the quality of service provided to shippers/consignors is declining, and the on-time rate of global container ships has reached an unprecedented low level, which may exacerbate tensions between shipping companies and customers.
According to data from Sea-Intelligence, in September this year, the schedule reliability of global container liners dropped to 56%, and the average delay time of global ships was close to 5 days.

Among them, the on-time rate of the Asia-U.S. West Coast route was 46.7%, which was lower than 62.2% in August and also significantly lower than 86.7% in June;
The performance of liner companies on the East Coast of Asia and the United States is not much better. In September, the reliability of 49% of the liner was down 11.7% from August and 38% from June.
In addition, in September, the on-time rate of the Asia-Europe trade route fell 10.4 percentage points from August to 69%, which was lower than the 91.6% high in June; the on-time rate of the Asia-Mediterranean route was 68.5%, lower than 86.5% in June. The schedule reliability of the return route from Europe to Asia in September was 55.8%, which was lower than the 70.8% in August.
The worst thing is the route between Asia and Oceania. The reliability of the schedule has dropped by 30%, and only two-thirds of the ships arrived on time.
In addition, according to the latest phase one data released by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, the on-time rate index of global trunk routes to departure/receipt and delivery has basically shown a downward trend compared with the previous period.

So, which liner company has the highest punctuality rate?
According to the data released by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, the on-time rate of the main line liner companies' arrivals and departures and receipts and shipments has also fallen from the previous period. Wanhai Shipping, Yixing Shipping and Hamburg South America have performed better.

However, the service level of liner companies has declined, and the rates of major east-west routes are still very high. The high freight and poor service levels are testing the patience of shippers.
In addition, with the gradual recovery of the global economy and the surge in trade volume between countries after the blockade was lifted, the shipping company’s capacity was unable to meet the sudden increase in demand, resulting in high freight rates and difficulty in booking space. In addition, many foreign ports and terminals were congested and delayed. It is not difficult to imagine the decline in service levels of liner companies.
In the fourth quarter of this year, the shortage of container equipment still needs to be resolved urgently. Although liner companies assure cargo owners that they have taken the necessary measures to improve the supply of containers, the container dispatch strategy they adopt still lacks transparency. For shippers and customers, high freight rates and low customer experience are the main contradictions.