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What should I pay attention to when exporting goods to Saudi Arabia

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-09-06
   Recently, many customers are consulting.Saudi ArabiaThe goods need to pay attention to, and collect relevant information in a responsible manner.
It is shared here and is suitable for shipping to Saudi Arabia by sea, air, and international express delivery.

   1: The goods to Saudi Arabia need to apply for a CO certificate of origin for customs clearance. The CO certificate of origin is a kind of certification document used to prove the export goods and the place of manufacture. It is the "original certificate" of the goods in the international trade.
In certain cases, the importing country grants different tariff treatments to imported goods. In international trade, countries around the world generally implement import trade controls in accordance with their foreign trade policies, and impose differential tariffs and quantitative restrictions on imported goods.
The statistics are executed by the customs. The importing country’s certificate of origin for the exporting of goods by the exporting country has become an international practice, so the C.O. certificate of origin is an important document for international trade. Therefore, goods exported to Saudi Arabia need to prepare CO.
You can find the agent to make it , The relevant information will be confirmed on the same day. The original document will be available the next day, and a scanned copy will be attached for your reference. The relevant fees can be found on the website

   2: Some products exported to Saudi Arabia will also involve SASO certification. SASO is the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization and is responsible for setting national standards for all daily necessities and products. Saudi Arabia is based on the civilian and industrial voltages of its own country.
Geography and climate, ethnic and religious practices, etc., add some unique items to the standard to protect consumers' rights.
The SASO standard is not only for products imported from abroad, but also for products produced in Saudi Arabia.  
   3: The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Industry and Commerce and SASO require all SASO certification standards to include SASO certification when entering Saudi Customs.
Products without a SASO certificate will be refused entry by Saudi Port Customs. According to the regulations of the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, the SASO certification covers all products used by adults and children in their homes, offices or entertainment venues.
All motor vehicles and spare parts, as well as construction products.

   4: The manufacturer obtains SASO certification and exports products to Saudi Arabia. It needs to apply to the relevant certification body: the company submits product samples for testing according to the certification procedure, and some products (such as some motor vehicles and accessories)
The factory inspection is required; after passing the product inspection, the enterprise obtains the SASO certification; if the product fails to pass the test, the enterprise will get a detailed explanation report to issue the SASO certification when the goods enter the customs.
The technicians of the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization will inspect the certificate; if the SASO certificate cannot be issued, the product will be rejected or sampled and tested in the laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Saudi Arabia or the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization.
If the test fails, the product will be rejected.

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