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What is the price of the trailer? Let us tell you

  • Author:Anma
  • Release Date:2019-10-23
In life, when we have large cargo for transportation, we will use the tools of the trailer to help us transport our goods more conveniently. However, we also know that if we want to call a trailer, the related costs must not be low, but what is the price of this trailer? I believe many people are unclear. According to the information on the regulations, the towing fee is priced by the market and is determined by the trailer service department or the unit. The fees vary from city to city.

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Generally, the towing fee consists of a basic kilometer trailer fee and a trailer fee after the basic number of kilometers; in addition, there are also crane fees, unloading fees, waiting fees and other expenses. There is no hard and fast rule for the country of trailer fees. If the domestic trailer is called, the trailer price can directly ask the company about the trailer service. However, if the goods are to be transported internationally, the price of the trailer is as simple as the cost of the domestic trailer. Let me explain to you what the container trailer price is.

The container mainly uses 20GP cabinets and 40GP cabinets. The size of different container cabinets is different from the corresponding container charges. Generally, the price of 20GP container cabinets is slightly cheaper than 40GP container cabinets, because 20GP cabinets are The weight is lighter than the weight of the 40GP cabinet. If the container container does not arrive at the agreed time, the container trailer will incur additional price charges. These additional costs mainly include the following. The first type of fee: a suitcase surcharge. If the container exceeds the default agreed time in the yard, the fee will be charged according to the distance from the Waigaoqiao port area. The second type of fee: withdrawal fee. If you want to cancel the commission after changing the order to the shipping company, then this operation will also incur a certain fee, which is stipulated according to the cost of each shipping company. The third type of cost: the short-selling fee. If the card arrives at the designated location to cancel the commission, the cost of this part will be required. The fourth fee: the change fee. If you need to change the case of changing the container EDI data after entering the port, you must pay this fee. The fifth type of fee: overdue fee / demurrage fee / usage fee. If the box is submitted to the return of the free period specified by the shipping company, then there is a charge. Sixth fee: Overweight fee. If the actual weight of the goods exceeds the estimated weight at the time of entrustment, this will require an overweight fee. Seventh fee: hourly fee / car fare / overnight fee. The eighth fee: the second entry fee. The ninth fee: temporary fee / drop box fee.

The above is information about the price of the trailer. Do you understand?

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