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What information is needed for customs clearance in Argentina?

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:HKSG-GROPU
  • Release Date:2019-01-10
What information is needed for customs clearance in Argentina?

    Customs clearance has always been the most concerned topic for foreign trade customers. Unsuccessful customs clearance will not only lead to delays in delivery, but also lead to the abandonment of goods and heavy losses. Recently, I have friends who have exported to Argentina. I am particularly concerned about the customs clearance of this country. I want to know what information is needed for customs clearance in Argentina.

Argentina is a South American country, customs clearance is more stringent, in addition to the bill of lading (only the original bill of lading), invoices, boxes, certificate of origin \CO to do the embassy's signing, you also need to provide CUIT NO. (tax registration number) .

Argentine customs clearance document requirements

A. Commercial invoice

1) Original and 2 copies of commercial invoices in Spanish or English. The commercial invoice must include the following: location and date of execution, method of shipment, country of origin, export to the region, where to enter Argentina, departure date and flag of the merchant ship, commodity unit price, specification name, packing number and identification number, Weight and net weight.

2) All amounts must be clearly marked with FOB, CIF, ship-side delivery or cost plus freight.

3) All expenses (including shipping charges, freight charges, insurance premiums, etc.) must be clearly marked item by item, and the total cost is included.

B. Certificate of origin

1) Where the importer requests proof of origin or the certificate of origin is indicated by the letter of credit, the original and 3 copies must be confirmed by a recognized chamber of commerce.

2) The Chamber of Commerce may request a copy of it as its own document.

C. Bill of lading

1) Argentine Customs has no special requirements for the format of the bill of lading. The bill of lading should be marked with "Freight Shipping" or "Freight Arrival in Hong Kong" and indicate the amount. The "paid shipping fee" or "freight-to-port payment" on the bill of lading must be a handwritten book.

2) The bill of lading for air cargo is an air waybill. The bill of lading shall indicate the name of the consignor, the name and address of the consignee, the port of destination, the type of goods, the freight and other expenses, the number of each bill of lading and the date and signature of the shipper’s official notification of the shipment. .

D. Packing list

1) The importer shall provide the Argentine Customs with an English or Spanish packing list listing each package of goods and other required documents for the Customs to carry out the inventory.

2) If the goods being shipped are the same product, an additional specification is required.

E. Health certificate

Imports of most agricultural products must be certified by the Argentine Consulate.

F.CUIT NO. (tax registration number)

The Argentine Customs Act requires the shipping company to submit a manifest, and the compulsory repair states: Which are the FREIGHT FORWARDING CONSOLIDATED CARGO and which are the direct customers' goods. If it is a freight forwarding, the CUIT number of the freight forwarder must be indicated on the bill of lading. Every one registered in Argentina