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What are the caveats of the VGM declaration

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-08-31
In international Sea shipping, we often mention VGM. What is VGM?

The small editor today to talk about the next VGM and the application of VGM notes.

What is VGM short for?

VGM is an abbreviation for "VERIFIED GROSS MASS".

What are the official standard Chinese names and industry customs of the new VGM regulations?

Official Standard Chinese Name: Total Weight of Containers Verified

Industry customary name: container called re-regulation

Specific precautions for the new VGM regulations are as follows:

The shipper on the bill of lading must provide accurate VGM information to the shipping company or the ship's agent before the deadline for the delivery of the VGM information.

2, VGM deadline is tentatively submitted before the heavy box return field, the specific time according to each carrier SO.

The shipper on the bill of lading must provide the verified total weight of each exported container by one of the following two methods.

(1) The shipper on the bill of lading shall weigh the container which has been loaded, locked and sealed

(2) The shipper on the bill of lading weighed and added separately all individual packages(including bundles, trays, dyes and other packing and fixing
materials) of the container, plus the container leather weight displayed on the container counter door to obtain the verified total weight. (Note: Estimated or presumed weight will no longer be allowed)

(3) Regardless of the method used, the weighing equipment used must meet the local regulatory standards. The verified weight documents must be signed by the shipper on the bill of lading and submitted to the carrier electronically or in real time through physical documents for shipment of the goods.

(4) No specific third-party weighing mechanism is currently available

The carrier shall not be liable for any loss or error of VGM information. The submission of VGM information has nothing to do with sea freight, Bill of lading weight, weight of declaration, but the commitment to safety, the carrier will not provide advice or help to fill in the VGM information.

5, due to the absence or error of VGM information, problems(such as inability to board the ship, promotion, etc.) resulting in changes in sea freight and other costs, are borne by the shipper on the bill of lading.

6, the terminal and the carrier will not verify the accuracy of the VGM, but the terminal can be questioned, IMO will implement random inspection in the global port, and in the event of problems, the shipper on the bill of lading will bear the relevant responsibility.

At present, the VGM information is aimed at the port mother ship. Barges and inland transportation are not within the scope. There is no need to submit VGM information for shipping empty containers and bulk cargo, and cargo containers must be provided.

VGM is not related to the bill of lading. It can be submitted at the same time as the bill of lading information or can be submitted separately. Any submission must be made before the deadline.

9. No more than ± 5 % or 1 ton of the range of error between the weights of the container certification(whichever is smaller) and the weight does not exceed the maximum authorized load of the container.

10. Maritime administrative organs at various levels shall conduct random checks on the weight verification of cargo containers carried by ships.
Issues for attention after submission of VGM:

1, after submitting VGM can not be submitted again, can only change. VGM corresponds to the bill of lading number and box number. If the bill of lading number is changed, it needs to be resubmitted to VGM. The goods declared by ticket are only entered into the VGM corresponding to the box number(one box number is declared by two votes, and only the information of the corresponding box number is entered).

VGM can make several changes before the deadline, and the specific costs have not yet been confirmed. Whether VGM can make changes after the deadline has not yet been confirmed and the cost has not been confirmed.

VGM information will not be displayed on the bill of lading after submission. What are the caveats of the VGM declaration?

Hongmingda Logistics Operation Requirements:

1) For car dealers: The weight of each empty cabinet must be obtained(ask the car dealer to provide a cabinet door to take photos)

2) For customers: Be sure to check with the guest whether you want to cross the tank pound and heavy counter pound and confirm whether you have crossed the outside weight center or the gate, because the charge is different,(entering the gate to weigh is more persuasive than the outside weight center)
(unless the guest has a fixed mode of operation, such as Credit Suisse, do not ask, fixed over the weight),

3) If we weigh, we must ask the team to provide a scanned copy of the pound sheet(and note the cabinet number)air freight, sea frieght ,international express ,broker