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Warning that long-term congestion in the UK's two largest ports may continue to delay

  • Author:Jim
  • Source:Logistics Baba
  • Release Date:2018-10-10
  According to demand, the two largest container ports in the UK, Felixstowe and Southampton, have caused more and more sea carriers to divert their vessels due to long-term congestion, which has led to chaos in the domestic supply chain! The implementation of the new terminal operating system in Felixstowe in June is undoubtedly the catalyst for current congestion! The UK transportation industry is estimated to lack at least 75.000 drivers!
   DPWS listed the reasons for its crowded terminals as: too many empty boxes; peaks before Christmas; ship cutting and operation and weak transport capacity
It called on its shipping company's customers to ship their empty containers; without consulting, stop using the port to transport empty equipment and not to unload containers at its ports.
   In fact, according to today's DPWS stack report, about one-third of the 18,000 teu in its export terminal comes from empty equipment.
    A local source said that after transferring the boxes to the export chimney, the airlines had been shutting down the planned shipments of empty containers on a regular basis, causing productivity to “fall off the cliff”.

    However, for UK exporters who have already booked Ever Goods, there is no substitute for a boat nomination, so there may be a long delay before shipment.
    Here to remind everyone: the recent notice of the goods in these two ports to pay attention to the relevant notice, if necessary, do the transshipment arrangements to avoid unnecessary losses caused by congestion!