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Warning: The 124 freight operator qualifications have been officially cancelled by the Federal Marit

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:Sohang
  • Release Date:2018-06-07
The early warning of the 124 freight forwarding business qualifications has been officially cancelled by the Federal Maritime Commission. The majority of foreign trade and freight forwarding companies need to carefully select partners! !

Whether it is a foreign trade industry or an international freight forwarding industry, there are orders that have a certain amount of money to make money, although it is expected by everyone, but these two industries also have a particular -

The buyer or partner is far away. The two sides are separated by the Pacific, Indian Ocean or Atlantic Ocean. This leads to a very high risk of payment. If the importer or overseas agent is a liar, it is really a bad thing!

Don't say profits when you arrive, even the old ones are losing!

Relative to India, Africa and other markets, the US market is relatively more formal, because freight forwarding companies in the US market need OTI qualifications. Under the supervision of the government, if there is no qualification, that is, the freight forwarding company of the black households is a black hole.

In order to allow the majority of foreign freight forwarding companies to better understand the situation on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, has exclusively compiled a list of the latest freight forwarding companies whose OTI qualifications have expired. At present, there are 124 unqualified freight forwarders on the list. The majority of foreign freight forwarding companies need special attention when selecting service providers or overseas agents to avoid being hooked by these unqualified agents!

OTI License: Ocean Transportation Intermediary License

It is the most important qualification registered and authorized by the Federal Maritime Commission of the United States to be able to carry out international shipping agency business, similar to the domestic NVOCC license of a non-vessel carrier.

For the U.S. market that is declared and managed strictly, if the OTI license of the freight forwarding company is invalidated or revoked, the company will no longer be able to engage in the relevant international freight forwarding agency business.

If domestic export companies or freight forwarding companies accidentally choose such companies as partners, they will take great risks!

The following is a list of 124 freight forwarders who have been written off according to the official FMC announcement: