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Warning!Super typhoon "17 tanmei" was officially generated, which may affect Shanghai port

  • Author:Jim
  • Source:I love the shipping net
  • Release Date:2018-09-26
Typhoon tanmei, the 24th of this year, was strengthened into a strong typhoon on the evening of 23rd, and was further strengthened into a super typhoon on the morning of 24th, with winds reaching 17.At 13pm on the 24th, its center is located in the northwest Pacific Ocean, about 1070 km south by east of Hualien city, Taiwan province.
The radius of category 7 wind circle is 350-440 km, the radius of category 10 wind circle is 160-180 km, and the radius of category 12 wind circle is 80 km.At present, the future of tanmei's mobile path is still uncertain, although it is very likely that the east of Taiwan province turns to Japan, and the probability of landing in China is decreasing.
The latest forecast shows tanmei will arrive in waters east of Taiwan and near the diaoyu islands by September 28.
Typhoon tanmei has a strong wind with a large outer wind circle, and its peripheral southeast airflow has been combined with the cold air of Mid-Autumn festival, bringing heavy rain to the coastal areas of zhejiang and fujian.Xiamen local rainfall of 1 hour is close to 100 mm, 20 minutes rainfall is close to 60 mm.It can be said that the external influence of tanmei has begun.Therefore, it is estimated that the outer wind circle may affect the port of Shanghai and ningbo on 29th and 30th of this month, which may lead to the suspension of empty containers and the closure of the port. Please be sure to make plans in advance and keep an eye on the latest news of the port.
At present, under the influence of the periphery of "tanmei", there are 1.5-2.8 meters of moderate waves to the great wave area in the northern east China sea.In the south of east China sea, Taiwan strait and east of Taiwan there are 2.5-4.5m large waves to the great wave area.The northeast of the south China sea, the bashi strait has a large wave area of 2.5 to 3.8 meters.