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Vietnam suddenly implemented new import regulations, leaving the shipping company's freight forw

  • Author:James
  • Source:Hong Kong Shipping
  • Release Date:2018-12-07
recently,Vietnam“Suddenly” announced the implementation of a new import regulation. Starting from December 3, 2018 (arrival date), all goods exported to Vietnamese ports must provide TAX ID and HS CODE, otherwise it will affect the customs clearance and face fines!

According to various sources, this is the latest regulation of the Vietnamese Customs. The industry is also generally surprised by this new regulation. As everyone learns that this new regulation has already faced new regulations, it will take effect soon. The preparation time is very hasty!

Therefore, this new regulation not only makes the shipping company, but also many export companies and freight forwarding companies caught off guard, Cangjie responded!

According to the new regulations, this Monday (December 3), all goods exported to Vietnam require that the shipping documents must display the detailed information of the goods (bill of lading, cargo manifest, bill of lading, etc.) and take effect immediately.

At present, many shipping companies have issued urgent notices about this new regulation. Please pay attention to it!

The following are the specific requirements of the notification:

Consignee or notifier

All goods: Tax No. #公司名称#Address#Telephone/Fax

Waste and Waste: Tax ID#Import License Number#Margin Number#Company Name#Address#Phone/Fax

2. Customs code (HS CODE)

All goods: at least 4 digits of customs code

Waste and waste: an 8-digit customs code

3. Specifications of the goods

Cargo name#pieces#weight
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