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United States South Bend Airport will expand its international cargo capacity and plan to become an

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-03-20
  United StatesIndiana is planning to build South Bend airport into an international aviation hub. It is reported that the state may sign a $375,000 research plan to provide rail freight trains at a freight hub near South Bend International Airport.

According to Bill Schalliol, director of economic development at St. Joseph County, some international shipping companies, an Asian country and a European country are interested in arranging cargo flights at the airport here as an alternative to the Chicago O'Hare International Airport.

According to the plan, it will explore the opening of a freight center along the approximately 400 acres of land west of Lincoln Way West and southwest of the airport. Nearly half of the area is owned by South Bend Airport and another part will be acquired through acquisition.

Once the new freight center is completed, it may benefit the manufacturers of the New Carlisle Industrial Area, which is why the property tax collected from companies in the St. Joseph County New Carlisle Revenue and Financing Area will be used to pay for research expenses.

Saint Joseph County will hire the Antero Group, a municipal consulting company, to complete the research project in the coming months. The county committee considered that the transaction would be completed in April.
The proposed freight hub requires the construction of a warehouse and distribution center network that handles international cargo. Schalliol said that the current international outlook shows that it needs to find alternatives to the Chicago market to ease the congestion and delays in air transport.

According to Schalliol, freight transported by air to South Bend can be transported by rail or truck. It is also possible to use this distribution center to deliver goods to the East Coast or South Coast.
At the same time, South Bend Airport will have the capacity to build a freight hub to expand its foreign trade zone so that airlines can discharge without paying import duties and their international customs facilities will be used to process cargo.

According to Schalliol, currently only passenger trains enter South Bend Airport via the South Coast, and freight trains can use this route, but they cannot enter the airport directly. In response to this problem, the county proposed a proposal to solve this problem by changing the route so as to take a more direct line from the western region. Schalliol said that this route must enter the freight hub from the west because there is not enough land available in the existing route.

According to plan, the route will be through the airport, driving north along Bendix Drive, and then returning to the airport station. Municipal officials are considering various adjustment plans to shorten the journey, including the complete transfer of the station to another location.

If the plan can eventually be realized, it will reduce the shipping time by about one hour between South Bend Airport and the south bank of sea freight air freight to USA