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US port congestion continues to deteriorate! Shipping company issued emergency notice to take measur

  • Author:Jim
  • Source:Search network
  • Release Date:2019-03-04
    Since the congestion began in October last year, the US ports that were expected to be alleviated in February have not been alleviated, and the West Coast of the United States, including Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor, has experienced extreme congestion. As of now, the congestion on the West Coast has not only been alleviated, but is still spreading further to the East Coast of New York, New Jersey and the hinterland.
    Due to the traditional trade panic evading shipments caused by punitive tariffs, the impact on the US domestic logistics supply chain has been fully revealed.

    All along, the major truck companies in the United States are basically at full capacity. According to reports, now the largest terminal in the United States, Los Angeles, is already overwhelmed. After the ship is docked, it is basically more than 7 days from the unloading to the extraction. The 10 days is basically a median, and the extraction time of individual shipping companies is actually It is 14 days. Such a long time, beyond the expectations of many logistics companies and traders, caused confusion in the entire supply chain.
    In addition, going to inland points, such as Dallas, Chicago and other places, waiting for the train time also caused many logistics providers and sellers to fall into anxiety, the average waiting period has been basically 7-10 days, and usually, basically in 4- About 5 days. Due to the congestion of the port, the goods appeared to be delayed for several weeks, and the cargo owners were once faced with demurrage charges of up to several thousand dollars.
    This is accompanied by the fact that the inspection rate in the United States is also rising. After the US Customs usually issues inspection instructions, it will tell the inspection site which day, but recently, the customs staff will wait 4-5 days. Browse the documents and issue inspection field instructions to make the delivery time worse.

    More surprisingly, in recent days, there have been cabinets that have been rejected in US Customs clearance! At present, there are already several logistics companies that do Amazon FBA transportation, and the customs clearance of goods has been rejected. In the end, they can only choose to return the whole cabinet! It is reported that this is because the US Customs is madly rejecting Amazon e-commerce goods that are not compliant to import, and only real cargo owners can import customs clearance.
    Recently, Hapag-Lloyd announced that due to congestion in the New York/New Jersey port on the east coast of the United States, container handling will be delayed. Hapag-Lloyd said in the announcement that after a series of measures, port operators believe that congestion may be improved sometime in March.

    “The surge in imports”, “bad weather” and “supply shortages” are the main reasons for the delay in the congestion of US ports: the Spring Festival shipment period and the avoidance of tariffs have led to a surge in US imports. In 2018, it handled a record 9.45 million TEUs. In addition, the winter cold current hit the United States, and the Midwestern United States was shrouded in a blizzard, which led to congestion in the transportation of railways and highway containers in Chicago and other places. The surge in imports from Los Angeles and Long Beach has caused traffic congestion to spread to inland areas, and the surge in cargo has also brought about two long-standing problems: the shortage of forklifts and the lack of truck drivers.
    Divide ships to other ports; a large amount of imported rail transport from APM New York to Norfolk is being transported by barge once a week, no demurrage charges for delayed import of railway containers; additional resources at MMR railway ramp/APMT railway sector ; hired additional loading and unloading personnel; added additional container handling equipment and other measures.
  Here, I would like to remind you that the recent shipment to the United States will be extended.