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U.S. Customs Checks Amazon's Import Goods with a Value of Under $800

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-05-22
According to media reports, recentUnited StatesThe Customs began a large-scale random inspection of Amazon's imported goods. The inspections were mainly based on the declaration of goods under 800 US dollars. Currently, the main focus is on transiting to Louisville, KY, United States.

According to media information, the US Customs will examine 100% of the goods in the region with a declared price of less than US$800. At present, if the declared value is less than US$800, UPS has begun to delay delivery or withholding in the warehouse. The valid importer's information (ie, the recipient's 6th customs clearance) will be cleared.

   Hong Mingda recommends sellers, invoices truthfully declare the number of product names, customs codes, brand models, and the value of the goods. Currently there is no problem with the goods such as goods. Simply provide the information of the US importer to handle, and the US UPS will contact the US importer. Commodities are added and reserves the right to collect tariffs.

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