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To escort the customer's business empire-sunny worldwide Logistics Co. Ltd.

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-07-17
Today saw an article, very deep feeling, when we are feeling young or once young, remember the young dream, now your dream has come true? Or is your dream still there? Here is an article by Michael Chen, a logistics talent from sunny. I think it is more like the initial heart of each freight forwarder:

With the initial heart, take the long way.

Every one of us has the dream of taking the sword to the end of the world. After entering the society, the groping and beating, so that some of us, no young, but also good, at least no frivolous. And the dream is still there.

In the early years, when some clients fantasized with me about his business empire, he had no factories, no companies, no employees, no design, no logistics, and wanted to sell his products all over the world. I thought he was whimsical, and did not quite care for it, and in his heart he sniffed at him.

Nowadays, the development of e-commerce and the development of the Internet are shocking. The client did not give up his business empire.

The customers found a number of factories in China through the Internet, compared the quality and price, found the packaging factory, ordered the logo and packaging, and finally found us, provided storage, assembly, packaging, It really sold his products all over the world. When I scoff at my clients, they are leading us forward, giving us new thinking and direction as they complete their dreams.

When we 've been working in logistics for over 20 years,Although we 've been moving forward, but more and more people are walking, more and more crowded, and it feels like the road is getting narrower and narrower from our original international express delivery, To the shipping cartons to the door service, to the Amazon global service, to the Belt and Road Central European rail transport service, to our special cabinet, Over-bulk logistics services, to our sea freight to door , air freight to the door service, to our warehousing, packaging, packaging to the door one-stop service, our services are more and more comprehensive, more and more diversified, more and more Can meet the needs of customers. Faced with the vagaries of the world, we have not stopped working in the logistics industry. We have been thinking about our logistics services and how to seamlessly connect with the new business model. Our clients have given us a lot of inspiration.
Through the systematic integration of our diversified services, we escort our customers 'business empire, our diversified logistics services, solutions, add wings to our customers' business empire, customers 'business empire trust and support for our service, It also makes us slowly build a business empire that belongs to our logistics industry.
Nowadays, more and more of our customers are interested in our integrated warehousing / packaging / shipping / delivery services. We help customers to meet the need for centralized shipment of goods from multiple factories; Help customers to find workers in the warehouse parts and products packaging issues; Help customers to solve the Chinese and destination country customs clearance services; Helped the customer solve the delivery service within the customer prescription requirements. After all, the most important thing is that we save customers more energy to focus on his product development and sales market. Let professional people do professional things, each spend their energy on what is worth, support each other, and achieve each other. This is us, sunny worldwide logistics, with the initial heart, take the long road. It is a long way to go, but there is no turning back, to complete our logistics industry belongs to our own dream.

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