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Tiehai Lianyun moves the harbor to the mainland

  • Author:Jim
  • Source:China Logistics andProcurement
  • Release Date:2018-06-07
With the help of Tie Tiehai combined trains, the country’s first to operateCentral European Banley(Chongqing), ran out of new acceleration in 2018. According to statistics, the combined trains of Yan Tiehai have been operating from January 23 this year and have achieved remarkable results. As of now, 39 flights have been completed.containerWith only 5,146 TEUs, China-Europe Bangli (Chongqing) continued its rapid growth.
铁海联运  把海港“搬”到内地 渝甬铁海联运班列运行良好
The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Logistics Office said that in September last year, a special tour of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province was organized in cooperation with the Ningbo Municipal Committee and Ningbo Port. The Ningbo Municipal Government has given preferential policies to this project and used the special funds for the development of ports and shipping to develop Ningbo Haitie Transportation. During the period, the Municipal Logistics Bureau communicated with the China Railway Corporation and the Chengdu Railway Bureau several times and actively sought support. In December last year, China National Railway Corporation formally included the Yulin railway transportation line into the national rail freight line and supported it, and provided a fee reduction. Under the joint promotion of the Municipal Logistics Office and the Urban Transport Group, the Ilya Sports Class was launched for the first time on January 23 this year and went to a train station. The "New Europe" Chongqing and Ningbo expressways are officially open. 

Gao Dong, chief financial officer of the company, said that extending to Ningbo not only improved the construction of the Dongshui River in Chongqing, but also promoted the regional cooperation between the western region and the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Chongqing became an important node in Chongqing. As of May 1, there were 1,825 classes (1,178 classes and 647 classes) in China and Europe (Chongqing). The number of China Development Banks ranks first among Central European and European countries and accounts for one-fourth of the total number of China and the EU in China.

Zhang Lingning, general manager of Chongqing Luyun Group Container Transport Co., Ltd., said that at present, the joint operation of the Yantiehai Railway is stable and the total operating time is 57 hours. From March onwards, the frequency of surgery has changed from once a week to one every other day. The main sources of supply are automotive and motorcycle accessories, equipment and industrial products, fiberglass and so on.

The Yanhai Iron and Steel Multimodal Transport Corridor provides the following advantages: First, it is fast acting. The traditional river transportation from Chongqing to Shanghai takes 10 to 15 days, while Yongban train takes only 57 hours to reach Ningbo Zhoushan Port. The second is less links and strong operational capabilities. The Banlie Port Terminal is directly connected to the port, and the port area adopts an integrated operating model. In a true sense, it achieved a seamless connection and achieved a sea + iron formation effect of 1 + 1 > 2 . The third is the arrival of seaports with abundant resources. Ningbo Zhoushan Port is the only super-large port with a throughput of over one billion tons in the world, and it is also China's main shipping company with the most dense population in the world based on its own ports.

 hereby,sunny worldwide Logistics Adhering to the important initiative of General Secretary Xi Jinping to jointly build the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, the new international railway line was launched:International railways not only have the advantage of time, they can arrive in Hamburg, Germany, within 15 days, and they can work one or two times per week, and then deliver them to European countries immediately. Because Hamburg is located in the hinterland of Europe, the logistics system is perfect, and it basically arrives within one to three days in Europe. It is half the time compared to sea time, and it can be compared with part of air transit routes. More price advantage by volume, the smallest unit of charge for a cubic meter, more than the actual number of cubic charges. The comprehensive price is only 1/5 to 1/4 of the air freight.
铁海联运 把海港“搬”到内地 渝甬铁海联运班列运行良好

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