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Those misunderstood by foreign trade people for those years

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-06-28

Freight forwarding isshipping agent, English for freight forwarding, "is a middleman, broker and transport organizer between the shipper and the carrier.

Forwarders can arrange bookings, transportation, trailers, customs clearance and a series of actions, which are the transportation hubs before the shipping companies and shippers.

Think about it. When you deal with freight forwarding, isn't it often misunderstood?

Question one, how could there be so many local expenses? Where are so many miscellaneous fees?

Question two, how did this cost arise? There is no such thing as a clear freight forwarder's offer.

Today, Xiao Bian came to take you to uncover the mystery of miscellaneous charges in these freight forwardings.

international sea freight

Foreign trade friends who are familiar with the freight forwarding industry should understand us. Freight forwarding can provide one-stop import and export transportation services such as booking, customs declaration, and inspection. Therefore, there will also be certain assistance fees. The charges for each freight forwarding may be slightly different, and some foreign trade/factory friends may have doubts about their charges, such as miscellaneous fees, different quotations, and so on.

First, freight charges are collected by freight forwarding?

First of all, it should be made clear that not all freight charges for freight forwarding are paid to freight forwarders, but they may be collected by freight forwarders to the shippers.
In the case of maritime transport, the shipping industry, in addition to its transportation costs, has various miscellaneous fees, and some of these miscellaneous fees need to be paid to the shipowners.
Some are charged at the port of shipment/port of destination, others are charged by freight forwarders.

Second, freight charges with less charges are reliable freight forwarding?

For the answer to this question, I believe that the freight forwarding has long been self-evident. For shippers, looking for third-party freighters they are customers,
Therefore, it is inevitable that some freight forwarders will deliberately charge a small fee to fully attract the shippers and allow them to highlight their advantages in terms of prices. But no one will let himself do business at a loss.
Here the price is low, there will inevitably be high prices there, such as the destination port costs. This and the same ticket goods,
There are very different reasons for taking different trading methods. This is not explained in detail here.

Third, common freight charges

1. ORC: OriginReceivingCharge surcharge for the port of departure;

2, DDC: DestinationDeliveryCharge destination port delivery fee;

3, THC: TerminalHandlingCharge terminal operations (hanging cabinet) fees;

4, BAF: BunkerAdjustedFactor fuel surcharge, or FAF (FuelAdjustedFactor);

5, CAF: Currency AdjustmentFactor currency depreciation surcharge;

6, DOC: Document fee;

7, PSS: PeakSeasonSurcharge: peak season surcharges;

8, AMS: AmericaManifestSystem (United States manifest system).

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