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The twelve ports of India launched an indefinite strike on May 28

  • Author:James
  • Source:Logistics Baba
  • Release Date:2018-05-25
It is reported that from May 28, 2018, dock workers in major ports in India will start a nationwide strike pattern. The

According to media sources, the strike involved a wide range of activities, involving the 12 major ports in India, including Visakhapatnam, Jawaharlal Nehru, or causing the ports to stop. The

It is understood that these Indian dock workers will first strike one day on May 28th. If their demands are not met, they will continue to exert pressure. The indefinite strike began on May 30. The

The dock workers’ strikes aimed at demanding more reasonable wages and pensions. The

The Indian dock trade unions pointed out that as early as November 2016, the workers had reached an agreement with the dock's employers on wages and pensions and decided to formally implement it on January 1, 2017. The

However, the terminal has not really benefited, and 16 months have passed and related issues have still not been resolved. Therefore, the workers could no longer tolerate it and could only start the strike again. The

The strike is expected to have serious impact on the following 12 ports: Kolkata, Paradip, New Mangalore, Cochin, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mumbai, Kandla, Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Tuticorin, En Ennore and Mormugao. The

In addition, it should be noted that there are laws in India that allow non-payment without taking delivery of goods without liability, and on the other hand, India's customs permit only 30 days for stacking. If the importer does not apply for an extension, the goods will be auctioned or abandoned. Therefore, after the large-scale strike of the port, it may lead to the buyer rejecting the risk of receiving goods.