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The trade war was withdrawn from the line, and the cargo owner rushed to the United States before Se

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:HKSG-GRUP
  • Release Date:2018-08-09
The trade war was withdrawn from the line, and the cargo owner rushed to the United States before September.

In response to the Sino-US trade war, the container shipping market has actively adopted the measures to remove the line after the three major shipping alliances. As the cargo owners are worried that the second wave of retaliatory measures in the United States will be implemented in September, they are trying to catch the goods before the tariffs are imposed. Arrived in the United States, the loading rate of Shanghai's flights to the United States last week exceeded 95%, and some flights were even fully loaded. The US West Line freight rate rose by 16.2% in a single week, and accumulated a cumulative increase of 48.26% in seven weeks.

The shipping contractor pointed out that the current supply and demand of the US line is slightly tight. According to the latest data released by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, the freight rate (including shipping and shipping surcharges) of Shanghai's exports to the US West and the US East Base market on Friday (27th), It was 1877 and 2846 US dollars per large box (40-foot cabinet), up 16.2% and 7.4% respectively from the previous week.

On June 15, Shanghai's export to the US West and the US East were 1,266 and 2,236 US dollars respectively. In the past six weeks, the US East Line has increased by 27.28%. At present, the shipping company is mostly adopting contract for the shipping and transportation industry. The price, the other half is handled in the form of spot price calculation.

This year's contract price is about 1,300 US dollars. The industry estimates that this year's oil price is not enough. The cost price is estimated to be between 1350 and 1400 US dollars. The current spot price is above 1,800 US dollars. The cost increased in the past six weeks. Most of the East is charged in the name of the peak season surcharge.

The 2M alliance of Maersk and Mediterranean shipping, the world's top two airliners, has suspended the TP-1 route in the east China, South China and southwestern United States since the last week of June. It was announced that it will stop for 5 weeks (1 shift per week). ), there is currently no notice that the goods will resume operations, and another PNW flight in Central China, North China, and the southwestern United States will continue to be suspended.

The Union of Yangming Shipping belongs to the Oceanic Alliance of Evergreen Shipping, which has been suspended since the beginning of this week. In addition to temporarily canceling a flight at the end of June, it plans to withdraw AAC in the last week of this month. route.

The industry believes that it is difficult to predict the uncertainty of the market outlook this year. If the United States expands its tariff retaliatory measures against mainland China, it will be difficult for orders to be transferred to other countries in the short term, which will result in a reduction in the overall volume of the maritime market, but China has also The depreciation of the renminbi will allow buyers to reduce their spending by about 10%, and everything will need to wait and see.