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The story behind the sea, beauty

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  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2019-11-22
  Every time the mood is a little difficult to adjust, I like to go to Hong Kong to sit down in the Ferris wheel, enjoy the sound of the waves hitting the ship, watching a plane flying overhead, sometimes in the port. It meets with the cargo ships loaded with containers. The goods loaded with the guests are sailing to the destination by sea. Sometimes I also imagine that I can also take a boat to the world outside to see the different scenery.

    This year we Sunny worldwide logistics The team welcomed a new colleague who came back from the sea and was no longer engaged in marine crew work for physical reasons and returned to the normal life on land. After chatting with his classmates who were still crew members, he said that he was lucky enough to go to Hongmingda Logistics to realize that we felt warm. Listening to him telling about the scenery on the sea, sunrise, sunset and sunset, perhaps you will sigh that the sea is really happy, you can see such beauty, the real thing is to travel across the sea to every city.
  Seeing the videos and photos he had shot at sea, there is no need for a filter to take a shot. It is a big visual effect. I think everyone who has never experienced it will be envious. However, there are hidden dangers behind these glamorous and bright. I know that when the weather is bad, it is easy to see the cabinet falling into the sea. You think that even the heavy containers are smashed into the sea by the wind and waves. How dangerous the crew on board will be.
    Not long ago, a Panamanian container ship of APL took a fire from the Karachi, Pakistan, to Navahiwa, India, in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Gujarat, India. Although the sudden fire can provide assistance to nearby rescues in a timely manner, due to the bad weather conditions, the fire fighting work had to be interrupted. Fortunately, after several hours of firefighting efforts by the crew, it was finally controlled and there were no casualties. It was good to be near the coast when the fire broke out. If there was no support in the boundless sea, all the sudden situations could only be solved by the crew on the sea.
  Every sea container fire accident occurred, in addition to the loss of the cargo owner and the life safety of the crew on board. The bottom of the accident is the industry phenomenon that has always been accused of misreporting and reporting, and for the sake of profit, regardless of the consequences. We can't predict the weather conditions and natural disasters, but we can control the risk factor of the goods, the maritime fire accidents, the ringing industry alarms, and some people take risks. In response to the frequent accidents this year, various departments have also strengthened the inspection and fines for dangerous goods, and issued corresponding severe punishment policies for cargo owners and even carriers for the source of the accident.

    Sunny worldwide logistics As a senior international logistics service company, I have been very saddened to see so many shipping accidents. I also tell you that we will never lie to report goods, and we hope that our customers can work with us to standardize and abide by relevant regulations and create a good international logistics. The environment makes our goods safer to the destination.