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The price increase in July is here!Double the rise and up to $ 10,000!There were three more freight

  • Release Date:2024-06-17
At present, the situation of the Red Sea is becoming more and more chaotic.Recently, the Houthi armed forces have upgraded the attack and improved the accuracy. So far this month, the number of attacks has been the same as the entire May report.In just a few days, nearly 10 ships were attacked, causing the ship's fire damage to the crew injury and disappearance.The freight rate also ushered in round after the rise ...

Take effect on July 1!Matsky continues to increase the Nordic FAK rate of up to $ 9,400

At present, the factors that affect the shipping market are intricate. Due to the impact of the continuous chaos in the Red Sea, the continued chaos in the Middle East, the route diversion, and the congestion of the port, the rising freight rate is still strong.

At present, major liner companies have issued a notice of regulating freight rates in July. Fu Dafei issued a PSS of surcharges from Asia to the United States from July 1st. Maski has also issued a notice notice from July 1 to FAK from Far East to Northern Europe.The rate rose to the highest to $ 9,400/Feu.Compared with the previously released in mid -May FAK, the rate is generally doubled.Details are as follows:

From June 28, 2024, Maski will set off from the North China port and transported to Sihanouk City's dry bulk and refrigerated containers to implement the peak season surcharge PSS.The collection standards are as follows:

Matsky will levy PSS on June 26, 2024 from all ports from China and to Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei.The collection standards are as follows:

Matsky will implement the peak season surcharges on the peak season surcharges from China Port and transported to Bangladesh on June 22, 2024.The collection standards are as follows:

For the specific collection, please ask the corresponding shipping company for details. Other ship companies may also have similar measures to increase freight.

There are three more freighters who are blown!The damaged crew was seriously injured!

On the evening of June 13, local time, Ye Haiya Salea, a military spokesman for Hascey Herse, gave a speech again that within the past 24 hours, the Hassas armed forces launched three attacks on vessels against the Hascean armed ban.Essence

For the first time, the Verbena "Werbena" cargo ship on the Arabian Sea was attacked by a missile, causing the ship to fire.The second time in the Red Sea attacked Seaguardian's "Ocean Guard" cargo ship.The third time in the Red Sea attacked the Astina cargo ship.

In addition, the Central Command of the United States also issued a statement on that day that the Husseam armed forces launched two anti -ship cruise missiles to the Gulf of Aden and hit a versatile cargo "Verbena" operated by Palau National Flag, Ukraine, and Poland.As a result, one person was seriously injured and caused a fire on the boat.

Just the other day, the Houthi armed forces had just attacked a "Tutor" cargo ship on the Red Sea, causing severe damage to the ship and facing the risk of sinking. One crew disappeared and had been pressed to die.