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The largest port in the United States: In order to avoid tariffs, the recent cargo volume has soared

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide
  • Release Date:2018-07-19
After the US-China trade war began, companies that operate products that have increased tariffs are sitting on the needles, but the depth of the impact may not be apparent until a few months later.

The Port of Los Angeles recently said that after the US-China trade war broke out, they made statistics. About 15% of the goods will be affected by the increase of tariffs. In the past few weeks, many imported vessels may arrive at the port in advance to avoid tariffs and cause port containers. The number has surged.

As the largest container port in the United States, many import and export businesses in the Port of Los Angeles are related to China. Los Angeles Port spokesman Phillip Sanfield said in an interview that the US-China trade war has just begun and there is still not much impact, but according to their statistics and forecasts, if China and the United States both implement trade wars The tariffs will probably affect 15% of the containerized goods entering and leaving the Port of Los Angeles.

The largest port in the United States: In order to avoid tariffs, the recent cargo volume has soared, and the trade war will affect 15% of the volume!

According to figures from St. Field, the total value of import and export container cargo in Los Angeles in 2017 was 284 billion US dollars, of which 145 billion US dollars were related to China, so China is the largest trading partner of the United States, including 134 billion US dollars of goods. From China, only 11 billion US dollars are US exports to China. About 15% of the goods will be subject to additional tariffs after the implementation of the trade war tariffs, including goods entering the port of Los Angeles and leaving the port of Los Angeles.

St. Field pointed out that it is still unclear whether the impact of increasing tariffs will reduce the volume of trade. However, before the implementation of the trade war tariff on July 6, there may be many ships with containers rushing to avoid tariffs, which may make the port The number of containers has increased, but the figures have not yet been released, and it will take several weeks to see the specific figures.