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The freight price fell for 22 weeks! The market is difficult to pull

  • Author:Elena
  • Release Date:2022-11-21
The market for the container shipping market is difficult to pull, and the freight rate has fallen for the 22nd week, and the decline has further expanded.

According to the latest data released by the Shanghai Aviation Stock Exchange on November 18, the Shanghai Export Container Freight Index (SCFI) fell 136.45 points to 1306.84 o'clock last week. Among them, the European line is still a heavy disaster area in freight rate collapse.

Last week, the European line fell by US $ 306 to $ 1172 per Teu, a decline of 20.7%. It has now fallen to the starting point of 2019. This week, it will face a war of US $ 1,000; At 1967 US dollars, the $ 2,000 mark was lost, a decrease of 4.56%.

The shipping price of the Mei West Line fell 73 US dollars to $ 1559, a decrease of 4.47%, a slight increase from the 2.91%of the previous week. 13.44%of the previous week converged slightly.

Industry insiders said that following the Far East-the United States West Line, the European Line has increased since November, and the decline has increased by more than 20%last week. The European energy crisis may have accelerated the local economic decline. The recent rapid decline in goods from Europe, and the jumping trend has also experienced a diving price. However, the latest freight price decline in the Far East-the United States West, which had previously led, has converged, indicating that the market is unlikely that the supply and demand will always be unbalanced and will gradually adjust the supply of capacity.

In the Asian near -Ocean route, although the fourth quarter is the traditional peak season of the close line, the current market performance is still unable to compare with the same period last year. The shipping price of the Guanxi Line of Japan rose 9 to $ 331 per TU, an increase of 2.8%; the shipping price per Teu of the Japanese East Line fell to $ 10 to $ 318, a decrease of 3.1%. The Southeast Asian Line (Singapore) fell 19 US dollars to $ 327 per Teu, a decrease of 5.49%; the South Korean line (Busan) continued to fall by $ 2 to $ 254 per Teu.

Analysis of industry insiders pointed out that at present it seems that in the fourth quarter to enter the off -season off -season, the decrease in market volume is normal. The US West Line has stabilized, the European line has expanded, and the freight rate will continue to fall to the Spring Festival in the first quarter of next year; and the No. 1 The fourth quarter is the traditional peak season of the close line. As the Spring Festival is coming, the volume of goods will still be available.

With the global economic reversal, the prosperity of the container shipping market once has ended in a century. Although the small peak season before the Spring Festival is expected to see the freight rate rebound, the increase is limited. As the supply of markets continues to decrease, in order to avoid the increase in bargaining, the shipping company is expected to further reduce the class to stabilize the freight rate.

Considering the continuous suppression of the inflation pressure, the delivery volume of the new ship will be recorded in 2023-2024, and the capacity is "excessive". The market outlook is not optimistic. If the freight rate continues to fall, the cost of fuel and salary is higher than the epidemic. Under the circumstances, a collection company may see losses in the first quarter of next year.