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The freight forwarding knowledge you don't know is all here.

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-09-18
    Sunny Worldwide Logistics Adhering to the "customer first, reputation for the soul" business philosophy; "full care, rest assured" service concept, all from the actual, fully realize the interests of customers, high quality, high standards, high efficiency to provide customers with a Dragon logistics service. Xiaobian today talks about freight forwarding knowledge that you don't know.

1. CY-FO clause: FO can be released as Free Out or Free Over side=Free Overboard means that the carrier is not responsible for the unloading fee of POD. This clause is often used to go to the secluded port and small port of the Middle East and West Asia (Side ports); such as: Haifa Haifa, Ashdod Asdud (above the two ports of Israel Israel), Izmir Izmir (Turkey) ), Istanbul, Turkey, Beirut Beirut (Lebanon Lebanon), Benghazi Benghazi (Libyan Libya, Yudi West: Mediterranean West Coast)
In addition, CY-TKL (=CY-TACKLE)=CY-Hook (Note: tackle sling → hook; hook cargo hook, hook), side (ship) delivery, the shipping company is not responsible for the unloading fee. Similar to CY-FO, except that CY-FO is mostly used in the Middle East and West Asia.
Note: A small number of companies also have CY-LO terms (such as H&T) which are similar to CY-FO, but the customary name is different. There are a small number of people who say that CY-LO is suitable for bulk cargo, the unloading fee for the cabinet after the destination port, the terminal fee, the container fee, etc.
Hong Mingda Logistics - CY / FO terms

2. “Double Pay”: It means that the O/F (Ocean Freight) and the Shipper (“Customer”) that Forwarder pays to the Carrier are paid to “Forward One”: the Forwarder pays Carrier is prepaid (pp); Shipper pays Forwarder for CC (collect). Shipping companies generally do not agree to pay.
3. For DG (Dangerous Goods or DC: Dangerous Cargo), use “now” (Alongside Delivery), also known as “shipside delivery” (referring to POD shipside). Because many terminals do not allow DG to stay in Hong Kong for a long time.
Hong Mingda Logistics - CY / FO terms

4. Via (=by way of =care of =C/O) via:
E.g. 1 Shipment from Keelung to NYK via Panama Canal cargo must be loaded on a ship from Keelung (TWN) through the Panama Canal to NYK or above. English can also be written: Shipment from Keelung via Panama Canal to NYK (NYK Yu Meidong)
2 Shipment from Shanghai to Detroit (via Detroit, U.S. Inland) via LA (YM West WC) means: after the LA unloading, transfer to Detroit
3 Shipment from Shenzhen to Seattle (W.C)via Land-Bridge (Land Bridge) in bond to Boston (E.C.). After the cargo was unloaded in W.C. Seattle, it was transported via land bridge and transported to Boston in E.C. (in bond bonded, in a bonded manner. The so-called "bonded" means that the tariff is not paid, and the goods are delivered to the destination."
4 Shipment from Huangpu to Dallas (Dallas, inland), Texas (Dallas state name) Via OCP Long Beach, Calif. (Long Dike: WC California is the state where LB is located) Cargo unloading on the West Bank Long Bank After the train is transported to Dallas using OCP transport terms
5 Shipment to Pacific Coast via Overland to New York “Shipping to the US Westport via the mainland, land to NYK)

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