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The average age of global merchant ships has exceeded 20 years, and safety risks have increased?

  • Release Date:2023-11-14
Recently, French consulting company Alphaliner said 20%of the world's cargo ships have been over 20 years old.

It is estimated that of 5,890 active vessels, 1,200 ships have at least 20 years old, including about 2.9 million standard boxes.

Nearly 25%of the container ships in the world are owned by MSC, and MSC has become the largest aging container ship.

It is reported that MSC owns 222 ships with 20 years or more, with a capacity of 718,000 standard boxes.Most of the capacity was obtained through 330 second -hand ships purchased by the company from August 2020, of which 145 were 20 years old.

The second largest tonight shipowner is Masky, and only 48 ships have more than 20 years.Followed by Evergreen Sea, it has 36 ships.

The service life of cargo ships may vary depending on various factors, including materials and conditions used in maintenance and construction. Generally speaking, a cargo ship can maintain airwing of 25 to 30 years.

Even with proper maintenance, aging cargo ships may still face problems that affect their aviation and their crew safety.For example, corrosion will weaken the hull and wear mechanical components that will cause the hull to fail.

Due to economic and environmental factors, many old ships are still sailing, and a large number of old ships still have the ability to transport goods, and it is essential to trade in specific areas in the world.

However, the risks related to aging ships cannot be ignored. Those who are related to the industry's interests must better protect the seafarers and the environment, including the efforts that they need to make more modern and more efficient new ships in order to gradually eliminate old ships and use more modern and more efficient new ships.