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The World's Top 500 Released the Several Aviation Companies in the List

  • Author:aaron
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  • Release Date:2022-08-05
The World's Top 500 Released the Several Aviation Companies in the list!

Fortune Released ITS 2022 Global 500 List on Aug 3. Let's take a look at which Airlines Made the list.

144th, Aviation Industry Corporation of China

It is the 14th consecutive year that AVIC has been on the list. Avic ranked 140th in 2021 with operating revenue of $66.96 billion. This year's ranking fell four places to 144th with $79.33 billion in revenue. Meanwhile, Aviation Industry Corporation of China ranked second in The aerospace and defense sector, ahead of boxing and Airbus. Number 204, BOEING

In 2022, Boeing ranked 204th on the list with $66.286 billion in revenue, down from 173 in 2021, but with a 7.1% increase in revenue ($58.158 billion). Boeing's loss was still in the red, coming in at No.6 on the 500 list, with a loss of $ $ 4.202 billion, but it was down 64.6 percent from the previous year. Number 207, Airbus

Airbus ranked 207th on the list in 2022 with revenues of $61.6575 billion (compared with 179th in 2021). Although it was lower than Boeing, Airbus managed to turn a profit of $4.9812 billion, adding to the previous year's loss of $1.291 billion. Number 478 , Delta Air Lines

Delta's revenue surged 74.9 percent to $29.899 billion in 2022, ranking it 478 on the World's Top 500 list. That's just $280 million in operating profit, but it's also a reflection of the industry's recovery, with revenues and profits rising as travel demand recovers. No . 479, American Airlines Group

American Airlines Group was close behind Delta at 479th place with revenues of $29.882 billion, but unlike Delta, it did not make a profit. Instead, American Airlines Group recorded an operating loss of $1.993 billion, making it the eighth most loss-making company on The 500 list.

Original title: "The World's Top 500 Aviation Companies release in the list!"