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The Nigerian Port Authority ordered a ban on warehousing and demurrage, and transportation costs wer

  • Author:MIKEY
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2020-04-29
According to the Ministry of Commerce, the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) has instructed all terminal operators to suspend the collection of storage and demurrage fees for all terminals during the federal government's "home order".

Jato Adams, general manager of NPA Corporate Communications and Strategy, said that in response to corporate concerns and to reduce corporate burden, NPA has instructed all terminal operators to suspend storage and demurrage charges for all terminals for an additional 14 days from 2020 Effective April 13th.

In addition, the NPA will provide certain compensation to the operators, but will not tolerate any form of violation of the instructions, and will not hesitate to implement appropriate sanctions.

According to the Voice of Nigeria report, the Nigeria Shippers ’Council (NSC) disclosed that after negotiations with relevant associations and guilds, the transportation charges for goods transported from the port were reduced by 30%. The new charging standard came into effect on April 22 and will continue to be effective during COVID-19.

NSC Deputy Director of Public Relations Zubairu said that the purpose of this meeting is to formulate rules for exporting goods from ports in line with the popularity of COVID-19 to provide support for port operations and economy. NSC will set up a monitoring and compliance team to ensure that the new charging standards are adhered to.

(The article is compiled by Sohang APP)