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The Hong Kong Confederation reminds you that the shipment of all magnetic cargo must be marked on th

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-05-15
After receiving the notice from the Hong Kong Federation, theHong KongAll magnetic goods shipped by the Federal must be marked on the invoice with the magnetic field strength of the cargo. For example, if the magnetic field strength exceeds 0.159 A/m. (0.002 gauss), it cannot be shipped.

Many small partners have doubts. Why do express delivery requirements for magnetic or magnetic goods are so high? The reason is that the aircraft itself is made up of many precision instruments. If the magnetic field of the magnetic cargo loaded on the aircraft is too large, it will interfere with the precision instruments on the aircraft and affect the flight safety. Therefore, the magnetic cargo must be brought to the plane by the General Administration of Civil Aviation. The accredited accreditation body issues an air transport appraisal report. Qualified appraisers can arrange transportation. The magnetic appraisal report is one-time. The next time the appraisal needs to be re-reported. Hong Kong needs to provide a declaration guarantee from the consignor for magnetic cargo.

Here are some common magnetic cargoes

1. According to the requirements of the International Air Transponent Association of IATA902, any magnetic field strength at a distance of 2.1m from the surface of the cargo under test shall be less than 0.159 A/m (200T) for general cargo transportation.

2. Any cargo that contains magnetic material in the cargo will generate a magnetic field in the space. It is necessary to conduct magnetic cargo security inspection to ensure flight safety.

3. The items listed below are the names of some items that we often encounter that need to be tested for magnetic safety. Due to the differences in manufacturing materials and processes of the products, it is not possible to list the names of all the goods, whether they meet the requirements of the air transport agreement, and to test the results. Prevail.

1 Materials
Magnets, AlNiCo magnets, SmCo magnets, NdFeB magnets, ferrite magnets, magnets (magnetic cores), magnets, magnets, permanent magnets, rare earth permanent magnets, magnet rings, magnet bars, iron cores
   2 audio equipment
Speakers, speaker accessories, acceptor, buzzer, audio, speaker, speaker box, stereo, radio, multimedia speaker, audio combination, microphone, alarm, business speaker, earphone, microphone, amplifier, walkie-talkie, mobile phone, mobile Telephone, recorder, telephone
   3 Motors
Micro-motors, DC motors, micro-vibrators, stepper motors, servo motors, motors, televisions, linear motors, flat motors, motors, fans, refrigerators, solenoid valves, engines, generators, hair dryers, motor vehicles, vacuum cleaners, Mixers, pumps, electric appliances, electric cars, electric exercise machines, CD players, LCD TVs, rice cookers, electric kettles, wiper motors, engraving machines, stators, centrifuges, air compressors, sewing machines, massage machines, Air conditioner, fan, rotor, moving head light
 4 Other magnetic cargo
Alarm Accessories, Alarm Accessories, Lift Accessories, Fridge Magnets, Alarms, Compass
Multimeter, laser head, movement head, magnetic health products, magnet processing products, translation machine, electronic dictionary, doorbell, power meter, watch with compass, computer components, scales, sensors, microphones
   5 Names of goods that may be magnetically worn (partial)
Plastic clips, home theaters, flashlights, rangefinders, security tags, toys, flash, DVDs, electronic accessories

Note: Only some of the product names are listed above. Other items that use magnetic materials also need to be tested. Receiving and transporting mobile phones, there are lithium batteries, there are identification according to the lithium battery collection and transportation, no magnetic inspection, no battery, including instructions, need magnetic inspection, battery box mobile phone packaging and transportation (independent name), need identification and magnetic inspection.