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The BDI index hit a two -month low! The freight rate of bulk ships fell in full

  • Author:Elena
  • Release Date:2022-11-21
Due to the decline in the shipping price of each ship type, the Baltic Swilming Cargo Freight Index (BDI) fell to a low point last Friday, and the weekly line fell again.

In the past week, the market has a heavy frustration market, which is affected by the scarcity of Pacific miners and limited demand for food routes. ) Started down all the way, and fell to 1189 points last Friday (11th 18th). The seventh consecutive trading day fell, hitting a new low since September 1, a daily decline of about 3.2%, a weekly drop of 12.3%.

Among them, last Friday's Haowangjiao Corner of the Baltic Sea Freight Ship Freight Index (BCI) fell at 66 to 1122, a daily decrease of 5.6%, a decline in the sixth consecutive trading day, and a cumulative decrease of 27.3%last week. Falling a decrease of 550 US dollars to $ 9,305.

Baltic Panama -type bulk cargo ship freight index (BPI) fell from 56 to 1594, a daily decrease of 3.4%to 10 weeks low, a weekly decrease of 2.63%, averaging Panama -type ships decreased by $ 507 to $ 14,343. Baltic Poor Sattays Freight Ship Ship Ship Freight Index (BHSI) fell 5 to 1170 points, down 6 consecutive weeks.

Industry analysts pointed out that last week, the Pacific route of the Hohuang Corner Ship Market had only individual miners inquiring. The overall cargo disk was scarce and the market sentiment was cooled, which led to the continued decline in the freight of hopes for multi -transport iron ore. The small and medium -sized ship market, due to the average demand for coal transportation, although the increase in South America's grain tray has increased, some of the markets have been released one after another, but it is still difficult to digest the previously accumulated period. Therefore The freedom of Panama -type and ultra -splin -type ships are not carried out.