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Take you to know what "American AMS" (attached: precautions for import customs clearance i

  • Release Date:2024-01-16
AMS (Automated Manifest System, American Manifest System, Advanced Manifest System) is called the US cabin single enrollment system, also known as the 24 -hour cabin forecast or the US customs counter -terrorism compartment.A system that needs to be established.

Take you to know what "American AMS" (attached: precautions for import customs clearance in the United States)

According to the provisions of the US Customs, all exports to the United States or the cargo transfers from the United States to the third country must declare to the US Customs 24 hours before loading.Requires the closest exporter to send AMS information.

AMS's information is directly sent to the US customs database by using the system designated by the US Customs. The US customs system automatically checks and reply. When sending it, the detailed data of the goods must be submitted to the past, including the destination port Mao Weighing Valculable Performance Dumerical Famous BoxThe shipowner's real collection and receiver (forwarder is not counted) and the corresponding code number.When the United States said, it can only be on board. If there is HB/L, both shares will be sent, otherwise, the goods will not be able to board the ship.

The origin of ams

After the 911 terrorist attacks in 2002, the US Customs and Land and Security Agency registered this new customs rules on October 31, 2002. It officially took effect on December 2, 2002. After 60 days, it was the buffer period (non -fraud during the buffer period during the buffer period.Violation of no responsibility).

Take you to know what "American AMS" (attached: precautions for import customs clearance in the United States)

Who should I send ams information?

According to the US Customs regulations, AMS information is sent to the closest exporter (NVOCC).Novcc, which sends AMS, must first obtain NVOCC qualifications in the United States FMC. At the same time, it is necessary to apply from the US NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association) institution to apply for exclusive SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) to send relevant data to the US customs.During the sending process, NVOCC must have a complete understanding of the relevant regulations of the US customs, and acting strictly in accordance with relevant rules may lead to delay in customs clearance or even fined U.S. customs.

Take you to know what "American AMS" (attached: precautions for import customs clearance in the United States)

AMS information should be sent a few days in advance?

Because AMS is also called a 24 -hour cabin single forecast, as the name suggests, it is necessary to send the cabin list 24 hours ahead. 24 hours is not based on the boarding time. It should be required to get the return of the US customs 24 hours before the board on board (the freight generation is OK OK, OK,/1y, the shipping company or the dock gets 69). It is useless to send it as soon as possible, and it is useless to send it early.

In actual operation, the shipping company or NVOCC will be very early (the shipping company generally three or four days in advance) requires the AMS information, and the information given for three or four days in advance for exporters may be incorrect.Therefore, there is a situation where the ship company is required to change the AMS information after the order is intercepted.

What is required in AMS information?

A complete AMS includes House Bl Number, Carrier Master Bl No, Carrier Name, Shipper, Consignee, Notify Party, Place of Receipt, Vessel / Voyage, Port of Disch ARGE, Destination, Container Number, Seal Number,SIZE/ TYPE, NO. & PKG Type, Weight, CBM, Description of Goods, Marks & Numbers, all of these materials are subject to the content of the bill of lading provided by exporters.

Take you to know what "American AMS" (attached: precautions for import customs clearance in the United States)

Can the real import and export merchant information be given?

It is not possible to follow the rules of the US customs.And the customs's information about CNEE is very strict. If there is a problem with CNEE, USD1000-5000 is ready.Shipping companies often ask NVOCC to put the telephone fax of the import and exporters and even the contacts in the AMS information. Although the US customs regulations do not need to provide telephone fax or contact person, they only need the company name, the correct address and address and the correct address and address.ZIP CODE, etc., but the detailed information required by the shipping company helps the US customs to directly contact CNEE and ask it to get the information they need.

What results will AMS data be sent to the United States?

AMS's information is directly sent to the customs database by using the system designated by the US Customs. The US customs system automatically checks and reply. Generally, the result will be obtained after 5-10 minutes after sending.It will get the result of "OK" immediately. This "OK" represents that there is no problem with the AMS cargo ship.On December 6, 2003, the US Customs began to ask the Special Bill, that is, matching the Master Bill issued by the shipping company and the Master Bill NO in AMS.There is no problem. This "1Y" only needs to get it before the ship arrives in the United States.

The meaning of ams

Since the implementation of AMS24 hours, the supporting security terms and ISF launched after the combination.Makes the goods imported from the United States accurate and clean, complete data, and it is easy to track and query.Not only improves land safety, but also greatly reduces the risk of imported goods and improves the efficiency of customs clearance.

Following the United States, Mexico, Canada, the European Union, South Africa, and China have all followed the United States AMS and implemented the first -class application system for ship installation, in order to effectively avoid risks and protect their national land safety and people's interests.In safety consideration, more and more countries will implement such a pre -reporting system before implementing this type of shipment.

U.S. customs may be updated from time to time on AMS requirements and programs. For details, please refer to the latest release of US Customs.

Precautions for import customs clearance in the United States

Mainly, the import of general goods, that is, the logistics channels from China to the United States are air or shipping, or the joint transport mode (non -email channel, non -express channel channels).

Most of the imported goods imports are more than $ 2500 or more. For general goods greater than more than 2,500 US dollars, the US customs requires formally imports. Regardless of whether the product tariff is 0, the official import must require an IOR (Importer of Record)This IOR must have BOND. The Bond is divided into two categories. One is one -time. It is suitable for importers to officially import them within two a year. The other is called the year of the year, which is suitable for imports of more than twice a year.Without Bond, IOR cannot clear the customs.The cost of Bond will be determined according to the value of imported goods and tariffs. The cost of the annual bond of general goods is between 400 and 800 US dollars.

IOR can be divided into two types. One is the American physical company, that is, importers in the United States, and the other is to buy Bond by Chinese shipping companies, that is, Shipper to buy Bond, both of which are.

The second situation is that the United States is very special. Many Chinese exporters or sellers do not know. In fact, if it is a long -term American business, and the United States does not have a physical company or a partner you recognize, it is best to send it in ChinaThe form of cargo person acts as importer imported from the United States and purchases Bond.However, it still needs a company that can provide consignees as Consignee, and his tax number is needed. This receiving company can use a logistics company or other.

To buy BOND, the company's tax number is required. If it is the American physical company provided the IRS paper, and the ID of the company's owner is required.If it is an overseas company, that is, the shipper's buying Bond, it is necessary to provide overseas business licenses, company legal person passports or ID cards.

Then import customs clearance in the United States to entrust a customs bank to do it (theoretically IOR can clear the customs clearance, but if you do it yourself may not be particularly cost -effective. Of courseIt is the first import that you need to provide POA, customs declaration attorney, BOND information, box lists, commercial invoices of goods, and logistics.The customs clerk in the United States can make declarations. Often, the aircraft is completed without landing customs clearance. Then the customs system will give the customs clerk, let go, check, others, and so on.If you release, you can go to the airport to pick up the goods.

After that, the customs bank will give the importers a form of CBP7501. This file is very important. This is a credential for imports in the United States. It is issued by the US customs. There will be a clear details and charges.Including tariffs, MPFs, customs codes, value, consignee, etc.

In this part of the tariff part, generally small and medium -sized customers pay the customs clearance bank to customs customs banks. There is no customs customs declaration officer in the United States that does not give customs, let alone the customs clearance officer receives more tariffs (but the customs clearance bank will charge a tariff pad payment procedureFee), as long as you get 7501 form, you can explain everything, and it is very important to talk about this form again.If your tariff amount is very large, you can go to the US Customs to issue an account, which is paid as a tariff.After the tariffs, the customs deducted money directly from this account.

The United States does not exist, and the tariff is opaque.If you think that the customs customs are accepted more, you can communicate with him with these 7501 or other credentials. It will not be possible. It is normal to go to court. These are also the power of importers in the United States.

Besides, because IOR is the owner of the cargo, the customs and customs clearance bank only have a relationship with him, so why is it the best to buy Bond? It is equivalent to goods or in their own hands.


So find any logistics company to ask, who is the importer, because who is the importer, and the power is who is, if the logistics company tells you that it can be all -inclusive, and ask him who is the importer, who is, who is fromImporter, you'd better sign a good agreement with who to prevent the transfer of goods from being transferred to the time, and whoever as Importer must bear all the responsibilities of imports in the United States, including tariffs, FDA, checking storage costs, US port logistics costs, etc.Essence

Customs clearance process exported to the United States

There are various trade methods for exported goods to the United States. The US import customs clearance expenses and taxes and fees of some goods are paid by the consignor. In this case, the U.S. customs clearance will request that my country exporters will sign a POA commission before shipment. Similar to the customs declaration of customs declarations when customs declaration.There are usually two types of customs clearance:

1. Clearance in the name of American consignees

That is, the American agent provided by the US consignee (Consignee) to the freight forwarder, and also the BOND of the American consignee.

2. Clearance in the name of the trader

That is, the shipper provides POA to the Hong Kong cargo, and the freight forwarder is transferred to the destination port agent. The US agent helped the shipper to apply for the importer's customs registration number in the United States.


1. The above two customs clearance methods, no matter which one is adopted, must use the tax number of the American consignee (TAX ID, also known as IRS NO.) to clear the customs.IRS NO. (The Internae Revenue Service No.) is a tax identification number registered by the US consignee at the US State Taxation Agency.

2. In the United States, there is no BOND without customs clearance, no tax number can be cleared.

Customs clearance process under this type of trade


After receiving the arrival notice, the customs clearance bank can apply for customs clearance to the customs within 5 days before preparing the documents required by the customs at the time of the customs.The sea transportation clearance usually notify whether the release or not within 48 hours, and the air transport will notify within 24 hours.Some cargo vessels have not yet arrived in Hong Kong, and the customs has decided to check.Most inland sites can be declared in advance before the goods arrive, but the results will only be displayed after the goods are (that is, after Arrival IT).

There are two ways to declare to customs, one is electronic declaration, and the other is that customs need to review written documents.In any way, we must prepare data such as the required files.

2. Prepare declaration files

(1) bill of lading (B/L);

(2) COMMERCIAL Invoice;

(3) Packing list (Packing List);

(4) Arrival Notice

(5) If there is a wooden packaging, the Fumification Certification or Non Wood Packing Statement is required.

The name of the consignee (Consignee) on the bill of lading needs to be unified with the consignee displayed on the latter three documents. If it is not consistent, there mustClearance.The name, address and telephone number of S/ & C/ on the invoice and packing form is also required.Some information on some S/files in China will be required to be supplemented.

3. Turn off

If you clear the customs inland, we need to provide I.T.#, which we need to provide I.T.#, the effective date, departure, and suspension.Inland customs will use I.T#to control and release.

4. Put the goods

(1) In the previous ABI system, the ship company's dock was directly connected to the customs, which means that if the customs can be released in the ABI, the shipping company and the dock can be seen.

After trying AMS, large -scale shipping companies such as Evergreen, APL, Maski, COSCO, CSCL, etc. are also connected to AMS, but the docks are not, so the customs are released in AMS. These ship companies and NVOCC AMS FILERs can be seen simultaneously.The shipping company helps the dock system to update at the same time.Ship companies with relatively small scale, such as China and Foreign Delivery, Lykes, GWS, etc., have not achieved connected AMS, so they can only be released through NVOCC AMS FILER fax NVOCC guarantee and customs permit copy (Customs Form 3461).Then update the dock system manually.

(2) The terminal/ship company's release of the pier and the shipping company are connected. If the freight is paid, the bill of lading is electricity. As soon as the customs is released, the pier will automatically put the goods to the truck company.U.S. customers do not need to change orders, so the American agent has no way to help deduct the goods, which is completely different from China.Therefore, there is no freight from customers. Do not do the shipping company's bill of lading electricity or prepaid freight.

(3) Inland goods to inland goods, after customs clearance, the ship company will give a pick up#, and the agent gets this pick up#after notifying C/, the truck company will pick up the goods with this number. This number must wait: A.The cargo arrives at the yard and goes from the train. After the release of B, the customs, the C and the ship company can only get it.Therefore, the inland goods need to be tracked for a long time, until you get PICK UP#at C/.

What is "Bond"?

1. About Bond

Bond is actually the representative of import insurance.Specifically, when importing companies are not mentioned due to uncertain reasons and abandoned goods, in addition to expected auctions on goods, US Customs can also apply to insurance companies to claim the goods imported to other operating costs in the United States, such as stacking stackFees and so on.

Note: No BOND is equivalent to not filed in the US customs.Even if ISF is sent, it cannot be imported customs clearance. At the same time, after the goods arrive at Hong Kong, the customs will be refused by the customs and may need a fine.

Check the official website of the US Customs information that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bonds (CBP Bonds) refers to the guarantee of the US customs affairs.Bond is an American importer, that is, the party that undertakes customs affairs, and the deposit that needs to be bought.When the US Customs is fined for some factors, it can deduct money in the Bond of Bond due to certain factors. Therefore, all goods need to be imported to the United States to buy Bond.

If the value of goods imported into the United States for business purposes is more than $ 2,500, or imported goods (such as guns or foods, etc.) that belong to other US federal institutions to implement entry management requirements must be used.Bond.

The guarantor of the US Customs Affairs Guarantee is a company certified by the US government.The website of the US Department of Finance ( companies.html) announced and updated the list of guarantee corporates that are eligible to provide guarantee for US customs.

Second, the category of Bond

Since it is a Bond of insurance, it will definitely be divided.It is divided into the following two categories according to the years of Bond:

A. Year Bond [Continuous Bond].It can be known literally that the year Bond only needs to be purchased once a year, which is more suitable for cargo owners with frequent import and export logistics during the year.Continuous guarantees (Continuousbonds) for multiple customs services can be provided for multiple customs services.

B. Single Bond [Single Transaction Bond], referred to as STB for short.Some goods may have risks of dumping, while US Customs will correspond to their purchase of STB to avoid losses.

In addition, the current US Customs provides a new guarantee business, that is, the IPR Sample Bonds of Intellectual Property Samples (IPR SAMPLE BONDS) is suitable for intellectual property rights holders, and intellectual property sample guarantees are a kind of continuous guarantee.

In addition to the above -mentioned guarantee for customs affairs, enterprises can also use comprehensive guarantee.This kind of guarantee can not only guarantee the convergence of customs and customs and customs taxes, but also provide guarantees to the guarantor's compliance with other import and export laws and regulations.

3. How to calculate the amount of guarantee for continuous guarantee?

The minimum insurance amount of the two types of Bond is $ 100.Taking the customs affairs guarantee of the importer or the customs declaration agent as an example, the minimum amount of guarantee for the continuous guarantee is based on 10%of the tariffs, taxes and expenses paid by the guarantor in the past 12 months.In addition, add some projects such as the amount of taxes and fees.

The validity period of the continuous guarantee is one year or until the importer or the guarantor cancels the guarantee letter.U.S. Customs will regularly review whether continuous guarantee is sufficient to ensure compliance and taxation of the guarantor.It should be noted that the guarantee amount is not premium.The premium is paid to the guarantor.

4. How to choose Bonds?

Enterprises can choose a one -time guarantee (STB) or continuous guarantee.The continuous guarantee cost of the same customs business will be obviously higher than one -time guarantee, but the cost of continuous guarantee is obviously more cost -effective in each customs business.

What kind of BOND is selected, it cannot be simply depends on the amount of guarantee and premiums, but depends on the frequency and business type of imported goods to the United States.If it is occasionally imported, it is recommended to use a one -time guarantee.If the goods are often imported to the United States and entering through different ports, continuous bonding is the best choice for efficiency and economy.