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Sunny worldwide logistics sharing for loading tips

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2019-02-01
  The smooth and accurate assembly and shipment of goods is a good start in logistics and transportation. As the saying goes, Well begun is half done!  Every aspect of the logistics process needs to be controlled.Sunny worldwide logisticsThrough the professional logistics service through the whole process, we can give the customer a whole-hearted logistics service. Because of the careful choice of the profession, today we will share the control trick of the cargo loading:
Air transport is also good for shipping. What kind of transportation mode is used for international logistics will involve assembly and transportation. It is not enough for Hongmingda Logistics to have its own trailer line in Shenzhen. Logistics will not be affected by the region, so the logistics company is in the field. They are all long-term cooperation trailers, which are responsible for the assembly of goods and trailers. In many cases, the loading of goods is mainly done by the staff of the factory or warehouse. The loading process has its own strict and clear operational requirements and A variety of bar code scanning systems to control and ensure the accuracy and stability of cargo assembly, the four basic requirements for cargo loading preparation and loading operations are as follows:
1. Before loading, you need to check the goods in advance, and put the goods in the designated area to ensure the loading is completed quickly and accurately.
2. The goods are balanced, stable and reasonably distributed on the bottom plate of the truck. They are not overloaded, eccentric, heavy, and heavy. 
3, make full use of the volume of the truck to be fully loaded, the conditions allow the goods to take large and small suits, light and heavy matching, not falsified goods car gravity
4. After being installed, it can withstand all kinds of forces generated during normal operation. During transportation, the cargo does not move, overturn or collapse.
   The cargo loading operation rules have clear requirements and operation guidelines for all aspects of the loading operation, auxiliary tools, barcode scanning and zone control, which can only improve efficiency and accuracy, and can not pick up the whole process. No one can guarantee that 100% of mistakes can be avoided, because the machine will go wrong, not to mention other factors that are difficult to avoid by manual operation. Only by participating in the management and supervision of logistics, can we overcome the subjective factors and ensure the integrity of the goods to the utmost extent. Timeliness, the following is a photo of the process of loading the goods. We can learn from the pictures that the accuracy of the goods and the loading of the goods are strictly in accordance with the requirements:
1, the front license plate - parking space license plate number - empty cabinet photo

2, before the loading of the goods - the middle - the tail

3, the goods are loaded with a half-door photo - the full number of the license plate number - preferably the seal number

Every simple detail that Hong Mingda Logistics pays attention to is the promise of fulfilling quality logistics services! I wish you all a Happy New Year!