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Sunny worldwide logistics Knowledge Sharing Container Overweight

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2019-03-28
I believe that all the foreign trade and logistics know the common maritime terminology of 20GP\40GP\40HQ, and have a certain understanding. I also know how much they can load. However, for foreign trade companies, as long as their goods are not particularly heavy, it is rare to know what the precautions are when the goods are overweight. just now,Sunny worldwide logisticsJust tell everyone about the overweight of the container, first give everyone a picture.

This is a scene in which a cabinet of the ZIM ship is overweight. The container that seems to be indestructible in the past, when it encounters an overweight cargo, is as easy to break as a cardboard box. The serious consequences of this are not very impressive.Therefore, as a logistics company, we must remind us again that as a foreign trade export company, we must confirm the weight of the goods before booking, not how much the cabinet can hold, but also the weight of the goods. As a logistics company, after understanding the weight of the goods, if the customer asks for overweight, you can give this photo to the customer. Don't feel too heavy to be overweight in order to get a single. If the problem arises, the consequences will be very serious, so don't report it to luck. To solve the problem at the source, there is no worries. In this regard, we are doing a good job in arranging shipping and shipping, and we will confirm the weight with the customer when booking. Or suggest a weight when returning the cabinet.

Below we will talk about the loading capacity and weight of general containers:

20GP: Generally installed 25-28CBM, 21 tons.
40GP: Generally loaded with 55-58CBM, 26 tons.
40HQ: Normally equipped with 65-68 CBM, 26 tons.

If it is overweight, you can also apply for an overweight cabinet, which is clearly confirmed when booking.
The requirements of some shipping companies or destinations will be a bit different. Highways like the United States and Canada are limited in weight: 
United States: 20GP has a weight limit of 17.92 tons. 40GP/HQ has a weight limit of 20.19 tons. Canada: 20GP has a weight limit of 18.18 tons and 40GP/HQ has a weight limit of 20.19 tons.
Therefore, it is not OK to ship the container out. It depends on the actual situation of the destination port country. Otherwise, the goods cannot be transported if they are overweight.

Specific analysis of specific circumstances, some countries will have requirements, everyone will provide detailed and detailed cargo information at the time of shipment, and then confirm the shipment and ensure that the goods are shipped to the customer. This is the result of the hope of both our foreign trade and logistics people.
Sunny worldwide logistics adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, reputation is the soul"; the service concept of "full care, peace of mind", everything is based on reality, fully realize the interests of customers, high quality, high standards , to provide customers with one-stop logistics services with high efficiency.