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Sunny Worldwide Logistics want to create more benefits for you.

  • Author:Blair
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2019-05-31

Sunny Worldwide Logistics is a shipping company established in 1998, that is already 21 years’ experience till 2019 . It also becomes a company with owning self-assets of more than 1800 square meters office in Shenzhen from a workshop at origin. Our services also cover Sea shipping ( FCL /LCL ) , Air shipping , Train transporting , trucking & customs clearance service, warehousing , kinds of certificate etc. ,from any place in China to Worldwide. 

I( - Blair) really want to introduce more about how strong of our services, but I want to introduce how reliable of our people more.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics we want to create more benefits for you.

We have more than 80 employees now including sales department / customer service department / operating / marketing / account department.  Although it is not a very large scale , but employees worked here with 5~8 years in average , this is hard to compare of any other shipping companies like us.

We deeply think  “service “ we offer is the most important thing in the industry & also to every customer. Sunny people is not only professional of their skilled experience, but also our responsibility & sense of service , below are how Sunny people understand of the “service ” & how they usually serve for their customers :

“ Offer customized shipping methods to every customer , make customers feel excellent of us is our goal “  ----- Ricky

“ Excavate of the service till the deepest , being a partner of our customers that will be never replaced of “   ---  Michael

“ Service is the best brand of us , always remember to create more and more value for customers “ -----Jack

“ Think more and deeper than customers , growing up together with customers “  --- Luna

“ Be earnest , be patient to every customer , to be a shipping agency that deserve customers’ trust & make customers relived to pass their shipments to us “ ---   Jane

To be an shipping agent , we not only regard customers as our business partner, but also regard them as friends of us,  we treat every customer sincerely and we also feel a lot of happiness when cargo reach the destination smoothly. 
Just as my colleague Susan says “ Everytime,I always feel relax and happy when customer inform me that they do received the goods well. Trusting each other is the most important thing when business. “

Sunny Worldwide Logistics we want to create more benefits for you.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics people will always keep improving and do our best to be professional and high efficiency , your approval is our biggest power.Welcome to know more about us , welcome to contact us .