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How does Sunny Worldwide Logistics operation team provide better service for customers

  • Author:Joey
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2019-05-30

In the booming development of the freight forwarding industry, service customers have played a vital role in using better services to achieve good development and customer trust. Service is not the responsibility of a certain department within the enterprise, but the responsibility of the entire enterprise. .

Then, as the most contact with customers Sunny Worldwide Logistics Operation team contact with customer closely, how does they work with Freight forwarding sales team to better serve for customers?


1) Considering what they can't consider for customers. In the process of actual operation, due to professional limitations, it is difficult for customers to consider the hidden risks and various details that need attention, and the service-oriented freight forwarding industry. When the cost of the environment is so transparent, communicate with the business as much as possible, consider the details that they can't consider for the customers, avoid the troubles that the customers have to follow, and avoid the problems that have not been considered in the early stage to solve the problems in the later stage. Time, everything is based on prevention, can be solved in advance, do not produce luck,Solve problems for customers in the early stage,It is time to save time for yourself.

2) In the process of communicating with peers, try to express the problem as much as possible. It is best to complete the required information and information in the first communication email, so that the peers can handle things faster. One day's work process will cause the operators of the same industry to evade things that are more troublesome. If all the information and information are clear to the peers, the operator will naturally process faster, without having to spend time looking for information. Customers will be faster, save time for the operator, save time and efficiency

3) For all the operation time, we can do our best to remind customers at various time points. Sometimes customers will be overwhelmed, but everything is prepared for smooth shipment. One hundred reminders are useful once. Let customers feel the quality of our services

4) For a one-ticket item, as long as it has not reached the final consignee's hand, the ticket is not completed, and it is necessary to keep track of the feedback so that the customer feels that we attach importance to the goods and that the customer takes the goods. Put it in our hands, it is also assured.Taking Care of the Cargo More than The Owner.

5) Excellent service, not only to meet the customer's needs, but also to meet the hidden needs of customers. This need for customers to explore and accumulate for a long time, understand customers, understand goods, and make decisions when customers need to make decisions. At the time, we can give customers the best quality advice.

6) For VIP customers to know very well, for their operation process, operation requirements, operation habits must be accumulated and recorded for a long time, in order to make up for the mistakes that may occur when customers ship, return 10,000 steps To say, at the very least, customers can think that our company is very suitable for him, so that customers can relax and relax.

The above is the summary of how I think we serve our customers. I hope that I can make a difference in the role of jade and reference. Thank you~