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Sunny Worldwide Logistics Summer Health Sharing Conference

  • Author:MIKEY
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2019-06-26
In the hot summer of June, do you rely on milk tea to continue your life, do you rely on air-conditioned rooms to continue life, frozen watermelon is not your favorite.
But this is not healthy, Sunny Worldwide Logistics began to enter the health stage, you still do not join?
In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a saying that "spring nourish liver, summer nourish heart, autumn raise lung, winter nourish kidney", according to the five elements, summer and heart attributes are fire, so summer is a good time to raise your heart.

During the year, the summer temperature is high and the humidity is high. It is easy to make people feel upset, irritated, restless, and the quality of sleep is very poor. At this time, the pressure on the heart will increase. In summer, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease will suffer. Today we are talking about raising our hearts in the summer and insisting on three good habits.
1, good habits in summer: don't stay up late
2, good habits in summer: take a nap
3, summer good habits: light diet

Give you a practical skill, eat ginger in the summer, you can cut the ginger slices to make tea and drink the effect of raising your heart.
Finally, of course, there are some tips to see how your current state of the body is. If you want to know, leave a message~

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