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Sunny Worldwide Logistics Shiping by air to usa door to door : I had a quarrel with an American cust

  • Author:Ricky
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2019-05-29

Things have to start in September 2018. Air-to-door service in the United States has always been our company's (Sunny Worldwide Logistics) superior route. For American customers, we have perfected a very systematic professional agent network such as customs clearance and delivery in the United States, so we are also very familiar with the American market. In September, we received a 12,000 KG airlift to Dallas. The customer is a local supermarket distributor. The supplier's delivery time is September 20. According to the normal time limit, the goods must be delivered to the door before September 25. The latest time for customers is October 3, when the goods must reach the terminal customers.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics Shiping by air to usa door to door : I had a quarrel with an American customer

Unfortunately, some of the suppliers'goods (books) were wet on the way to the warehouse. Only half of the goods could continue to be used. I rushed to the warehouse at the first time and picked out the wet goods. The rest of the goods that could be used normally continued to enter the warehouse and wrapped in plastic film. And the process of taking video pictures to customers, evening with suppliers and customers to negotiate solutions. Suppliers insist that books are packaged in plastic, which will not affect sales. Customers insist that books damaged by packaging are bound to be damaged. Suppliers are required to replenish the books. However, time is running out. Later, I give the plan that some of the goods that have been in good condition will be sent to the United States by air as soon as possible. The rest of the goods will be sent back to suppliers after inspection and replenishment. I arranged to send to the United States, time is running out, so I suggest that customers choose express delivery service for the rest of the goods, three days to the door, but customers in Los Angeles, if sent to Los Angeles in Dallas, time is still at risk, so I went to our Dallas agent and persuaded him to act as our consignee, after clearing the customs and submitting the goods, wait for the express delivery of goods arrived in Los Angeles. Delivery together, if the express delivery can not catch up, first air cargo to the supermarket, the remaining books will be delivered about 1-2 days later. When the original proposal was put forward, the customer said that I want to split two tickets to make more money, but I continue to insist on the statement, and give the customer a detailed explanation, slowly the customer accepted my plan, and with your efforts, the goods arrived on time together. At the end of the order, the customer has become one of my VIP customers.

I would like to remind all foreign trade friends that when air transport is double-cleared to the door, we must pay attention to the cabin situation, especially in the period before and after the holidays. We must have alternatives, choose professional freight forwarders, choose trusted partners, maybe the price is a little higher than the low price in the market. But air transport is more important than timeliness and service, you say.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics Shiping by air to usa door to door : I had a quarrel with an American customer

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