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Sunny Worldwide Logistics International Transportation Trailer Services

  • Author:Alice
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2019-05-14

Since 2001, the business scope of Sunny Worldwide Logistics has increased the trailer services on the basis of the original freight forwarding, and established its own fleet at Yantian Terminal in Shenzhen. The team is managed by my sister-in-law and  brother-in-law. 85% of the factories that cooperate with Sunny Worldwide Logistics have been working together since the establishment of the trailer line, and it has been almost 20 years. Why do they always cooperate with Sunny Worldwide Logistics? I think that behind the reasonable price, it must be Sunny Worldwide Logistics' professional and problem-solving ability.

Compared with the traditional trailer company, Sunny Worldwide  Logistics has an advantage. Because Sunny Worldwide Logistics is well-known to the shipping company, it is familiar with the process of the freight forwarding company and handles the problem handily. In Shenzhen, and even the country's freight forwarding industry, there are both freight forwarding business and their own fleets. It is very seldom, Maybe 5% of the share is not.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics International Transportation Trailer Services
In the trailer service industry, there are audit shipping order, exchange of documents, getting the empty containers, loading containers, and returning the container to the container yard etc. From the audit documents, getting the empty containers and the exception handling. I will show you that how Sunny Worldwide Logistics provides trailer service to customers.

About the audit shipping order: After receiving the customer shipping order, we will look at the shipping company on the shipping order, the port of departure, the port of destination, the cut-off bill of lading documents, the cut-off return container to the container yard, and the custom closing time. Then look at the reasonable time for the customer to arrange the trucking. The port of departure will decide the place where we can get the empty container. We have encountered many times, the shipping company is not available to get the empty container, the customer will arrange us to get the empty container. Unless the customer has time requirements for the heavy container, we will remind the customer that if this is done, there will be additional costs. Some shipping companies have very tight cabins, especially during the peak season. For these shipping companies, we will arrange the replacement of the order at once after the shipping order is received, so as not to explode the cabin, the customer's cabinet can not be on board.

About getting the empty containers : After the shipping company exchanges the documents, the driver will get the empty containers according to the place specified in the filing documents, but we often encounter the situation where the cabinet is not available. What should I do? The towed trailer will wait until the next morning, and wait for the freight forwarder to go to work and ask the freight forwarder to find the shipping company. And we will sort out the telephones of the major container yards in Shenzhen, the container clerk of the various shipping companies, and the mobile phones, and save a copy for each driver. If the driver can't lift the cabinet at night, the driver will take the initiative to call the yard, or find a container clerk to solve the problem of emptying the cabinet. The company's yardman will also come up in the middle of the night to help the driver find the place to pick up the cabinet. This solves a lot of unnecessary troubles for the factory or the peers.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics International Transportation Trailer Services

About exception handling: 1) For the cabinets that are being custom cut off, we will cooperate fully with the supplier (if the supplier requests to arrive at the factory at 2pm, we will arrange the driver to arrive at the factory at 2pm), take the high speed, and return the cabinet at the fastest speed. When we arrive at the terminal, our operators will also install the cabinets at the factory. When the accurate information is given in time, the customs declaration documents will be sent to the customs broker for pre-recording. In this way, once the driver returns to the container yard, the customs broker can declare the customs at the first time. 2) If the driver can't return the cabinet, we will inform the customer at the first time, and at the same time, we will give phone to the shipping company or the container yard department to know reasons and get solutions. If we do just like this , we can solve the problem at once. The general trailer company's solution is to notify the customer, and then wait for the freight forwader’s solution.Especially for the cabinets that have little time to arrange the custom clearance, it is very likely that they will not get on the boat.

When I chatted with a customer who has cooperated for more than 10 years, he said that your trailer business is very simple. I ask the reason. He said that he has been working with me for so many years, and there has never been any problem. I smiled. In fact, behind every simple one is our careful review, flexible processing and interlocking tracking.

Over the years, we have been adhering to the "More than the owner of the goods" concept, we will provide the best service to customers forever.