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Sudden!MSC and ONE ships were damaged!The ship's prices will notify these routes to rise ...

  • Release Date:2024-06-11
On June 10, the latest news, Ye Hascean armed spokesman Ye Haya Salea issued a statement on the social platform on the 9th local time saying that they attacked two merchant ships because the merchant ship violated the ban on the port of Israeli port.Essence

The two ships are "MSC TAVVISHI" and the cargo "NORDERNEY" of the container "MSC TAVVISHI" of the Libilian flag and the cargo ship of the Antigua and Papuda flag.The attack caused two ships to fire.At present, the fire on board has been extinguished, and the attack has not caused the crew's casualties.

He also said that the Houthi armed forces used ballistic missiles to attack the British "Diamond" destroyer sailing in the Red Sea.On the same day, the British Department of Defense denied this statement.Salea also said that the Houthi armed forces will continue to launch relevant military operations to support the Palestinian people.

On June 9, local time, the US Central Command issued a statement on its social media platform and confirmed the news.The statement stated that the Hussean armed forces launched two anti -ship ballistic missiles (ASBM) from the Yemenhase Hersen Armed Control Area.Among them, a rebel missile hit a container ship "MSC TAVVISHI".The ship hangs on the flag of Liberia and is owned and operated by Switzerland.The ship's report was damaged but continued to drive.

In addition, the Houthi armed forces launched a anti -ship ballistic missile (ASBM) and a anti -ship cruise missile (ASCM), and both missiles hit a cargo ship "Norderney".The report of the cargo ship was damaged, but it continued to drive.According to the inquiry, the ship is operated by ONE.The United States, coalition and merchant ships were not injured in reporters.

After the new round of Pakistani conflict broke out in October last year, the Yemenhota armed forces used drones and missiles to attack the target of red seawater.Since January 12 this year, the United States and the United Kingdom have launched air raids on Houthi armed targets many times, causing deaths and injuries.Some countries have condemned the actions of the United States and Britain, thinking that this is an infringement against Yemen's sovereignty, which will exacerbate regional tensions.

In recent months, the Houthi armed forces have increased the ship attacks on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, asking Israel to stop military operations in the Gaza Strip.The organization stated in early May that it will expand the scope of strikes, which will strike all vessels in companies that have traded with Israel in the past few months in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean.

In the past two months, due to the continued tension of the Red Sea, the global port is congested, a large number of container ships are voyage, the transportation distance and transportation time are lengthened.

In addition, the delay of the shipping period is superimposed to the port of porting, which makes the market "lack of cabinet" more serious.Facing the fundamental aspects of "one cabin difficult to find", major shipping companies have issued a notice of surcharges and price increases for the peak season collection season, as well as the premium service of the ship's launch of the "clarion" to directly promote the rise in shipping charges.

Global container transportation prices have ushered in a new round of rise since June.According to the latest data released by the Shanghai Airlines Stock Exchange on June 7, the SCFI index rose 140.10 points to 3184.87 points last week, a new high since late August 2022, rising for nine consecutive weeks, and a weekly increase of 4.6%.The freight rates of the four major ocean routes have continued to rise, of which the European line rose greater.

Last week, the freight rate of each FEU from the Far East to the West Line rose 41 US dollars to US $ 6,209, and the weekly increased by 0.66%; the freight rate of each Feu from the Far East to the East Line of the United States rose 241 US dollars to $ 7,447, an increaseTEU's freight rate rose to $ 29 to $ 3949, a weekly increase of 5.59%; the freight rate of each TEU from the Far East to the Mediterranean Line rose 64 US dollars to $ 4,784, an increase of 1.36%.

In addition, according to FreightOS data, as of June 10, the prices of sea freight containers from East Asia to the West Coast and East Coast of the United States climbed to $ 5,888/40 feet container (Feu) and $ 7516/Feu, which rose sharply than earlier week.17%and 12%.

This month, the shipping giant Master also said that due to the strong demand in the container market and the continued chaotic situation of the Red Sea, freight is expected to continue to rise in the second half of this year.This is the second time the company has raised its annual performance expectations for more than a month.

On June 11, Matsquie's official website continued to issue PSS announcements for the peak season additional season

Matsky will levy PSS on June 26, 2024 from all ports from China and to Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei.The collection standards are as follows:

Matsky will implement the peak season surcharges on the peak season surcharges from China Port and transported to Bangladesh on June 22, 2024.The collection standards are as follows:

At present, the major ships are raising the rotation price in June one after another. Some shipping companies have issued a notice of freight rate adjustment from July.

Recently, the situation in the Red Sea is difficult to improve in the short term, and the demand is high. The congestion of the port has led to further lack of capacity. In addition, the strikes of countries such as Germany and France have exacerbated the tension of global supply chains.The expected rising shipping price is still strong. Recently, the shipment still needs to be planned as soon as possible.